Devastation and destruction
biggest trauma of man kind,
Too many unaccounted for
so many still yet to find.
The faces of the innocent
lay dead on the ground,
Bodies strewn everywhere
everyday more are found.
A man weeps for his dead child
he nurses on his knee,
This child who five minutes before
was happy and care free.
No family is complete now
everyone is out of touch,
Numbers climb to over 60,000
to comprehend is far too much.
Standing around in hundreds
watching the body count grow,
Were their loved ones here?
they may never know.
So many have lost their identity
left with only the clothes on their back
no survival of food or water
not even a shelter of a shack
Other countries band together
to keep in touch of what they can do,
This is not a war we're talking of
it's everyday people, like me and you.


Please let me share this poem I wrote today.  I have friends and relatives in this tragedy, two still missing and doesn't look good. One, we celebrated his wedding on the 18th of December, he got his wife to safety but not before the
aftermath of the first tsunami wave swept him away. 

Please pray for all the missing and for their families at this time.                                                       Mandy




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      Midi Title:   'By the Sea'
copyright by;  Bruce De Boer
Used with Permission. Thank you
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