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Believe That Mezcal Is Different From Tequila


Mezcal is one of the more traditional drinks in Mexico. Mezcal is currently gaining popularity in the United States and elsewhere, but you should know that it’s much more than just another liquor.

Mezcal is a liquor made from the source of the agave plant. Mostly espadin and tobala agave are used in mezcal. Due to this popularity and demand for mescal, it may be possible there are 28 types of agave plants used in making mescal according to strict quality standards.

Many people wrongly believe that mezcal is the same as tequila. Both are made from agave, but they are made from different plants and cooked differently. While mezcal singapore can be made from several agave varieties, tequila can only be produced from blue agave.

All other agave-based spirits are mezcals, though a lot of regulation has been put in place regarding what is technically classified as mezcal. Tequila may only be produced in the state of Jalisco as well as in small areas of four other states that have a Protected Designation of Origin.

Mezcal can be made in Oaxaca and seven other states. The highest quality mezcal should have an amber color, have been stored in an aged oak wood barrel, and be very smooth. Ideally, it is served at room temperature with an orange slice and the slightest pinch of salt, this drink should be sipped to enjoy the refined flavors.

After taking one sip, some people may feel burning on the throat because of the low-quality mezcal. This makes people avoid the mezcal.   Poor-quality mezcal often comes with a worm in the bottle as a marketing strategy to attract people, which should be avoided.