The Sheer Brutality of Life


When mere words can't begin to touch the depth of pain you feel.

When a hug, a hand on your shoulder, or a touch of love;

 Leaves you feeling utterly numb.

Allow God to wrap you in His arms and hold you until the hurt is gone.


It won't matter how long it takes.

He has the time;

And will not let you go until you're strong enough;

To once again trust your weakened legs to stand;

And your aching heart to dare to beat again.


Even though you feel you will never trust the world again;

 Never smile;    Or laugh;

Because of the overpowering agony you feel at this moment;

You will.

Because the one who holds you close to His breast;

Breathes each unwanted breath with you;


He feels the depth of despair you can't even begin to comprehend.

He knows your racing mind is attempting to find;

Reasons, Answers to make some sense of this;

But you needn't try to put into words;

 The heavy shroud of darkness that renders you completely helpless.

He already knows. He already understands.


Just bath in the warmth of that understanding:

Snuggle up:

And give Him the joy of being who He alone can be to you at this time.

Your comforter; Your companion; Your friend.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the healing gift of words…


Author;  Marcia Krugh Leaser


Dedicated to the victims of hurricane Katrina


NOTE; After receiving this letter I had to recognize that devastation is not only for a few but many who suffer all types of despair from all types of situations. Only God can bring comfort in times such as these...  Jim

Good evening Jim,

I have been watching the news and seeing the utter despair the people in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are suffering. I can't imagine the depth of their pain. But I wrote this at a time when I felt I couldn't draw another breath because of the sorrow I was enduring. I have prayed and prayed what I could do. Perhaps these words God gave me at that time will give hope where hope seems so far away. Many read your site, Jim, and if only one is blessed by these words, I will be blessed.

Thank you, and May God bless you.

Marcia Krugh Leaser








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