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Please allow me to tell you a little about my 3 CD collection. 

 My first record, íRiding For Jesusí was professionally recorded at the Miller Recording Studio in Newton, Kansas back in 1982. Bennie Holtsclaw, a dear friend and wonderful singer in his own right, with several gospel albums to his credit, encouraged and helped me make the íRiding For Jesusí record. I must thank Bennie Holtsclaw, John Leavitt Jr., the producer and all the wonderful people who helped make this record what it is today.  I have their credits printed inside the CDís case box and on the ĎIím Heaven Boundí websiteís music page.

The ĎRiding for Jesusí album was well received and played in many radio stations around the country. It was also played in several radio stations around the world and aired on national Television for 6 weeks in the Philippines as I sang using the recordís background music, and had a listening audience of several million people .

As I traveled around doing Evangelistic and Missionary work I sang these old time favorites and some which my dear friend Bennie Holtsclaw had written.


This next CD,   "Tomorrow's Going to be a Brighter Day"  I made was shortly after my near death in 2009. My Connie girl got me a music program and in the spring of 2010 I began trying to do my own recordings. I designed the covers and label inserts and recorded 12 songs I used to sing when I was able to go around preaching and singing...  I sure do miss that but they are still being played on, I know of, two radio station. (smile) Well Glory!

6 (Six) of these songs I sing on this CD were written by me as well as the music Melody. They are;
1. Alone Without Jesus - 2. I've Been Adopted - 3. I'll Walk with Him
4. God's Little Ribband of Blue - 5. Jesus, You're Everything to Me -
6. Tomorrow's Going to Be a Brighter Day

The Lord has blessed me so much since Iíve become disabled and not able to sing or preach in the churches any longer by allowing me to have my online ministry and little flock of over 1650 brothers and sisters in Christ  and growing. And now we are preaching and singing at WEKT Gospel Radio here in Elkton; over the internet on Wed. 9am. We are also preaching and singing at Les's Country side of the Cove Radio in Howell, New Jersey on Sunday's 12 noon which is over the internet too. 


This third CD;    "There's Gotta Be a Reason" is also a home spun production. Yep, done right here in my study. (smile) And it has some bobbles but is the best I could do. I guess you might say it's a good thing because I sung these song to honor and glorify my Lord and Saviour Jesus.

Just as the  "Tomorrow's Gonna be a Bright day" this record has 12 songs instead of 10 as do most records. (smile) And 3 of these songs I sing on this CD were written by me as well as the music Melody. They are;  1. There's Gotta be a Reason
2. In Heaven I Ever Will Abide - 3. Have You Ever Been with Jesus

You Know? For several years after becoming disabled I went thru a period of depression thinking my ministry was finished. But now I am so thankful and praise God that He was just preparing me for this online ministry and even though I can no longer travel and sing, people will still being able to hear my music and singing. Iím just an old country boy who loves the Lord and wants to be a blessing to you, not only thru my online ministry and the radio but thru my singing as well.  

This song your listening to is; 'Jesus is Right' and is one of the songs found on my CD. I hope you enjoy my attempts of praising my Lord and Saviour thru singing...  

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me. I pray that God will touch your hearts with His love and comfort as you listen to these songs of praise to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus.

 Yours in Christ,

Bro. Jim Keeling


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Thank you so much for stopping by and May God Bless you as you listen to my singing.

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The Christian Counter

The Song being sung is;
"Have You Ever Been with Jesus"
The words and music were  written and sung by:
Jim Keeling

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