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What an honor it is for me to have you come by and listen to my singing and I thank you for your kindness. I made this album for the praise, honor, and glory of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. For without Him all of this would be futile and in vain. I pray the Holy Spirit will bless you as you listen and touch your hearts and souls with His joy through the words, the music, and my singing...

I have redone this page so nice folks like you could sing along with me.
I know you'll have fun... (smile)

I would  like to thank my friend, Benny Holtsclaw for allowing me to sing two of his beautifully written songs; No Vacancy and Oh God, Make me Worthy. What a wonderful talent Benny has in writing gospel songs. Also I'd like to thank my dear friend Carolyn for putting some of these song on her web site. I'll be linking the ones she used so you can not only listen to my singing but enjoy their delightful talents as well...

And so for your listening pleasure may I present to you my latest CD reproduction of;   

~ Riding for Jesus ~

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I know you'll enjoy these  other folks pages using my songs ... *smile*
If you would like to use  any of my singing, I'd be honored. Just e-mail me and I'll send you the smaller  song file and Place a link on here of your web page...
I wish to thank these kind folks for placing my singing on their site pages...Thank You!



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~***~ #1. No Vacancy  ~***~
B. Holtsclaw/ Melody Wings Music/ ASCAP/ 2:50

No Vacancy 
#1~  Carolyn's Precious Memories site
(Thank you Carolyn for using this song & making such a lovely page... )



~***~ #2. The Old Rugged Cross  ~***~
G. Bennard/The Rodeheaver Co./ ASCAP/ 3:09


~***~ #3. Lord Don't Move that Mountain ~***~
D. Akers-M. Jackson/ Manna Music/ ASCAP/ 3:24


~***~ #4. Oh God, Make me Worthy ~***~
B. Holtsclaw/ Melody Wings Music/ ASCAP/ 3:24


Broken Pieces
R. Kitchen/ Singsspiration, Inc./ BMI/ 3:09



~***~ #6.  Jesus Is Right  ~***~
S. Cantrell/ Homeward Bound Music/ BMI/ 2:23

as used on my site

 #7.  While I'm Here
I. Davis-H. Michener/ Silverline Music/ BMI 2:40

You Have Found It All
K.& P. Parker/ Heartwarming Music/ BMI/ 2:38


~***~ #9. We're Not Home Yet Children ~***~
     J. Bradford/ Daystar Music/ BMI/ 2:33


~***~ #10 Is That the Old Ship Of Zion I See  ~***~
C. Cook/ Kingsman Pub, Co./ BMI/ 3:09

More  ~ Riding for Jesus~ information and credits

          Riding for Jesus                       Album credits listed below!


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This album was recorded in the
Miller Recording Studio,
203 W. 26th St,.
Newton, Kansas

In association with John Leavitt Jr., this album is a production of
RFD 1, BOX 39, 
Cedar Point, Kansas 66843

It has been a great blessing for me to have Jim Keeling and his family come into my life. Jim's love for the lord and his great sense of humor have been an inspiration for me. I believe that all who hear
Jim glorify God with his beautiful voice will receive the same inspiration and blessing that I have. It has been my pleasure to help him with this album.
    Bennie Holtsclaw

copyright 1982  Jim Keeling, Elkton, Ky.

This picture is on the cover and insert of my gospel CD
 "Riding For Jesus"


John Leavitt Jr.: Producer
Bennie Holtsclaw: Associate Producer
Jim  Keeling: Exec Producer
John Leavitt Jr.: Arrangements, Music Director, Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Bells
Lee Valequez: Electric Bass
David Coffin: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Don O'Malley: Drums
Paul Elwood: Banjo
Loraine Webb: Flute, Alto Flute
Howard & Lorraine Webb: Background Vocals
Larry Funk: Engineer
Larry Funk & John Leavitt Jr. Final Mix
Album Photo: Holly Rather Photography,Starkville, Miss.



In Memory of my father, Rev. William D. Keeling, I dedicate his favorite song, The Old Rugged Cross To my mother, Gwen Keeling, I dedicate Oh God, Make me Worthy. To my sons, Jimmy, Scott, and Eric, I dedicate Were Not Home Yet Children. And to my wife Connie, without whose love and support this album would not have become a reality, with all my love I dedicate my favorite song, The old Ship of Zion.
I have always loved God's creations and horses have played a big part in my life. And now that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour, it is my prayer that all who hear this album will want to turn their lives over to Christ and in their own way go,
                      RIDING FOR JESUS.

I wish to thank Bennie Holtsclaw for all his help with this album, and for the hospitality that he and his wife Marie, have shown me. May God Bless this fine Christian Couple.
I would also like to thank John Leavitt Jr., and all the fine musicians, vocalist, and technicians for their diligent efforts and long hours of hard work and make this album what it is.
With Love,  Jim Keeling



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