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I wish to thank you for stopping by to visit with me. I have made this page to honor and glorify Our Heavenly Father. This page has been made with the seasoned and the novice surfer in mind. When you open a link it will appear in a new window. I have always found it best to enlarge the window to fit your screen. This can be done by clicking the middle little box at the top right hand of that window.
      If you find any broken links, PLEASE email me. Thanks

The page links I have placed here have come from dear children of God who love and have displayed their God given talents. I can lay no claim to anything on their pages other than the fact that I found them to be Christian oriented, inspirational, and made with labors of love to be seen and shared with you all... Some have gospel singing with poems or stories... Please take a moment to sign their Guest Books and let them know how much you enjoyed all the hard work they did to make these exceptional and beautiful pages. I feel your comments will be greatly Appreciated and Cherished.       
Thank you! 



This page Updated Oct 18, 2011

I have visited, & am in the process of revisiting, each page of my links and found the pages linked here to be from folks who love God and are professing Christians. Since I've not visited all the pages on each individual site I may not be aware if everything they have posted is Biblical or spiritually true, or doctrinally correct.

Therefore, I place these links as an individual page recommendation to view. Should you visit other pages on any
of these sites and find them to be detrimental or harmful to the word of God and cause of Christ,
PLEASE, let me know and I'll remove them from this page...

My pledge to you is: I will not, to the best of my ability, tolerate any ungodly, false information, inappropriate captions, pictures or any other detrimental information to be linked from this site. IF I find such materials I will delete them immediately...
This site is to praise God not to be a mockery of His Word > Thank you for understanding!




Inspirational with Gospel Singing Section

  Vestal Goodman JD Sumner & The Stamps
  The Old Country Church The Prodigal Son
You Raise Me Up On the Wings of a Dove
If Jesus Came to your House You Gave me a Mountain
He's in the Midst  Dear Mister Jesus  
I Can Only Imagine 

Our Father's Love Letter 

10,000 Angels Cried Precious Lord Take my hand
Wasted Years  When He was on the Cross 
  In The Garden  Roses for Momma
   The Funeral My Mother saw God Today

Note: I have a links box near the bottom of the page for children's games...

*S*   Just a Few More links  *S*

 The Pledge of Allegiance by: Red Skelton

He is my Reason for Living

   The Vietnam Era   ( A Patriotic site) A Mother's Wish 
  Yesteryear  He's in The Midst 
   The Thirsty Woman  He Knows My Heart
    Poems by Susie   This Old House 
    How Beautiful Heaven Must Be   How Great Thou Art  &  Click for More songs
   My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me  Coolwaters songs
   Sweeter as the Days Go By   The Little Child  
   The Tapestry of Life    Kissed and Tucked In 
   The Christmas Roses       I Believe  
   He Hath Shewed Thee    What He Suffered for Me 
  The Old Country Church

 Drinking From My Saucer 

    Unfailing Love       Ten Thousand Angels 
  Happy New Year       Sailing Home To Glory
     The Patient  Oct.18, 2011 Mary S    If I Die Before You Wake
     Still He Walked Oct.18, 2011 Mary S   An Evening Prayer  Jim Reeves

     Unconditional Love Oct.18, 2011 Mary S

   Flowers that Never Fade
     He Is Able  Oct.18, 2011 Mary S    It's In the Valley I Grow
    Precious Memories Oct.18, 2011 Mary S

  The Mothers of God's Children 

  Where Did Easter Go? Oct.18, 2011 Mary S

  When God Dips His Love

    My Father's Love    Oct.18, 2011   Lloyd P   Just a Little Talk with Jesus
   Salvation  Oct.18, 2011   Lloyd P    Jesus Paid it All Tenn. Ernie Ford 
    Sweet Hour of Prayer  Oct.18, 2011   Lloyd P    Come and Dine     The Goodmans/
    I'll Fly Away   Oct.18, 2011   Lloyd P     My Secret Place
    Amazing Grace  Oct.18, 2011   Lloyd P    Counting Blessings  Oct.28, 2011  Marvaline
    Are You Washed in the Blood? Oct.18, 2011   Lloyd P   The Secret within Me  Oct.28, 2011  Marvaline
    Because He Lives   Oct.18, 2011   Lloyd P    Her Song of Praise  Oct.28, 2011  Marvaline
    Beyond the Sunset   Oct.18, 2011   Lloyd P    The Big Snow Fall   Oct.28, 2011 Fran G.


More Inspirations Section 


Install Love 4.0

  Mrs P's Haven of Refuge  

Keep the Fork

Faith Conquers All

  Tsunami Disaster Prayer

God's Bill Boards

  The Resting Place 

  The Rose

  His Eye is on the Sparrow

Glory Train

   The Happy Cooker (Recopies)

  Twinkies & Root Beer

   I Need Thee Every Hour 

  He Is God!

   Where the Roses Never Fade

The Fire of God 

Autumn Blessings Oct.28, 2011 Fran G

My Little Log Cabin  Oct.28, 2011 Fran G

Richard's Song Book Page Nov 8, 2011  


They will Never Take My Jesus out of My Heart
 Michael Combs  August 26, 2008  


For the Ladies!

I have read many of these touching and beautiful pages this morning and recommend for the person who has a hard time knowing how to pray to read some of these prayers. Written by Susie, a dear and loving Christian lady, in her attempt to touch the hearts of other women and I guess, some men as well, to touch the hurting souls in need of comfort. This site will certainly bless your heart. I chose these four pages and even though I'm not much on female angels for it isn't Biblical but you be the judge on that part. Many folks get carried away with these captions on their sites but I'll just leave that in the hands of God to convict all those folks who do so, concerning the things not pertaining to God's word...

Praying God's Word

What do Little Angels Dream


Ladies Bible Study Class

More Page Links Coming Soon

Some Links from my Connie Girl's Site..

Carolyn's Precious Memories


I know who Holds Tomorrow

A Crippled Boy's Prayer

Son Go Bring My Children Home

God On the Mountain

The Church in the Valley

I'd Rather Have Jesus

Alone Without Jesus  

Reason Why  ***  by: Ken Ferguson 

   From my Heart to Yours Oct 18, 2011

    He   *Flash* 

   If I Die Before You Wake   Oct 18, 2011

 Wings of Freedom   Oct 18, 2011

  Bricks fro the Ashes   Oct 18, 2011

 A Rose is a Rose   *Flash*  Oct 18, 2011

I Will follow Him    *Flash*

You are a Miracle    *Flash*



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My Friends Testimonies

[[[ These Testimonies come from some of my little flock's web sites. While I may  not agree with everything on their web sites I do appreciate the fact that they take a stand for Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and love them as brothers and sisters in Christ. As children of God, WE all need to share our testimony with others in order to be a good witness and soul winner. Aug. 25, 2008 ]]]

  Johnny Campbell

 Mary Silva 


Dwayne Stringer


Richard Goodwin


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  Daily Bible Story    Oct. 28, 2011 



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