In Memory of my Grandson, Scotty

My Connie girl with her chickens.

Here is the front of our house at the Bar-K-Ranch.
This picture was taken on May 21, 2009.

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When I ran across this page I just had to place it her for my Connie girl
as it portrays my love for her much better than I can express...

I Cross My Heart
Performed by
George Strait

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 Jim's Poems and Stories   Johnny Cash Memorial  (Sing)     

*Christmas at the Bar-K-Ranch
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  Forsaken Roots    (Patriotic)

*Ten Thousand Angels*     Prayers for Our Troops   (Patriotic)
*A Soldiers Christmas Poem*     Silly ol' Grandpa
* Winter at the Bar-K-Ranch Feb. 06    Happy New Year    
 *The Christmas Roses   In the Garden of My Heart D Rambo
  Unclouded Day     Picture Perfect Memories

More Links below picture of Connie riding one of our horses named Nancy.

Connie and grandson, Will trying to coax the baby mule to come closer. (smile)


You Can't go Home Again   (Sings)   Roses for Mama  (Jim Reeves sings)
I Don't Care About that Mountain   The Rock   
January Skies   Twinkies and Root Beer  
The Little Brown Church (sing) Come and Dine   (sing)
This Old House  (sing)   Puppies and Babies 
He Is my Everything  (Elvis sing)     Pictures Say it Best   
               This is a special page near to my heart.   Jim
  I Cross my Heart   George Straight     Faith Music Missions  (with music)
Somebody Bigger than You and I  When Sonny Gets Blue (J-Mathis)
Satan's Trap   (J-L-Lewis) Heaven Holds the Ones I Love
In The Valley I Grow (L-Rimes sing) Pretty Woman (R-Orbison tribute)
Have You Seen Me    A Cup of Joy       


Connie watching and laughing as her sister,
Dianne teases Panda Bear with an ear of corn,
They are shucking fresh corn from the farm.  (smile)


  Connie's Weight Calculator Guide to Good Health

This Section will help you understand and control your weight...

1949' Chevy Dump Truck - Connie girl moving it in Driveway                           '1949' Chevy Dump in action. Grandson, Aaron is learning how it's done



      What Your Name Means  

          Your Birthday Calculator  

             Blue Jay's Recipes'  

   Mrs. Claus' Cookbook   
Added Sept 5, 2008

  The Elf Pal Academy offers activities that can easily be incorporated into lesson plans or a home schooling agenda. The activities combine learning with colorful artwork that will entertain children for hours.

 The Elf Pal Academy
Learning was never so much fun!   
Added Sept 5, 2008

Jimmy and Scott are allowing the children to share a ride on Rocky


Having fun with the chickens in the back yard. Of coarse the pup,
Panda Bear and Lucas the cat are close observers...

Merry Christmas Pages!

           ~ *Christmas Wishes from Connie and Jim* ~             

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  Bar-K-Ranch Christmas story pix        Christmas Day  
  The Legend of the Candy Cane     My Christmas Tree!  
   Silent Night    (singing)    If Every Day Was Like Christmas
   His Birthday        Happy Birthday Jesus   (singing)
   Most Precious Night   (singing)     The Rusty Chevrolet      (singing)

Springtime at the side of the house overlooking the fields.

Mother's Day

   Remember Mom   Sing    A Mother's Wish   Sing
   My Momma's Prayer     Through the Eyes of a Child  Sing
   In My Daughter's Eyes   Sing     Mom, I Love You 

Winter time at the Bar-K-Ranch home place.
We had to remove the trees in the front yard after an ice storm.


Some Smiles Just for You


 The Motor Cycle & the Squirrel   The Cowboy and The Yuppie 


Well it looks like the truck is ready to leave now.
I do hope that you have enjoyed your visit with me.
It was a pleasure having you.


May the Lord Bless you and watch over you.


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Thank you and I hope you've enjoyed your visit, Connie











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