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And he spoke unto the children of Israel saying, When your children shall ask their fathers in time to come, saying, What mean these  stones? Then ye shall let your children know....
Joshua, ch.4 vs. 21, 22 (KJV)

This is the account of the continuation of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with the establishment of the Allegre Baptist Church. The work of the founding Saints of the Word through this holy institution began in late November in the year after our Lord's birth One thousand Nine hundred Forty and Eight years.

Our Predecessors in the cause of Christ, our duty, initiated their mission in the structure formerly known as the Allegre School House. This property is owned today by our sister in Christ, Janet Dunn.

Under conviction of the Holy Spirit, Our fore-bearers in the gospel accepted an invitation extended by the members of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church of Trigg County, Kentucky, to organize upon the rock known as Jesus Christ, a sacred body of laborers in the cause of our Lord. This holy contract was entered into the minutes of this assembly on December 17, in the year after Our Lord's birth One thousand Nine hundred Forty and Eight years.

In the months to ensue, members of the fledgling assemblage would resolve the matter of the location of their place of worship.
Whereas, the opportunity arose to construct a building on three sites. The first option was to raise a structure for this purpose on a portion of land formerly owned by Hayes Crittenden, Critt Powell. This property is now owned and consumed by Flynn Enterprises manufacturing company.

A second option was to erect a building on a site then owned by our Brother in Christ R. D. Mize. This site was located primarily on the property of our Sister in Christ, Mary Law.

The third option, and ultimately the site on which the members of Allegre Baptist Church would elect to construct a building for the purpose of worshipping Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, was set on the most northern border adjoined to the home front property of our brother in Christ, Ernest Higgins and his wife and companion in the Lord, our sister in Christ Imogene Higgins.

The location of the McColpin's Cemetery was an influential factor in the congregation's decision to choose this site. The remains of many friends and loved ones of the founding members of this sacred institution were lain to rest in this cemetery.
This resolution was entered into the minutes of this assembly January 9, in the year after our Lord's birth One thousand Nine hundred Forty and Nine years.

The purpose for soliciting materials needed to fashion a building for worship was appointed to a committee of three faithful servants of Christ. The Building Committee was composed of three men. These Brother were Ernest Higgins, Cicil Law, and Clifford West, (all now deceased)

The following excerpt is a brief account of the construction of the church building now used for worshipping purposed of Allegre Baptist Church members. This was compiled by Our Sister in Christ, Nancy Winders. This description is based on an interview with Sister Imogene Higgins and confirmed by Sisters Mary Law, Margie Harrison Farmer and Selma Edwards. After the organization of the church and the selection of the building committee members visited a church near Springfield, Tenn. to copy the pattern similar for our church building. They recommended the size of the auditorium to be thirty feet by fifty feet in dimension. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shanklin donated the first five hundred dollars, in cash. Justice and Mabel Shanklin donated the second five hundred dollars.

The volunteers were put into special chores. Mr. and Mrs. Arvell Harrison and Mr. and Mrs. Haddix Harris donated the logs. Melvin Rager hauled them to the saw mill to be finished into rough lumber to begin the construction of the building. With out regard to financial hardship and church membership association, people helped build our church building. Many of these individuals were not church members, but some joined later.

The men did all the work in building the church. It was like we had somebody for every job that had to be done. Little boys and men carried shingles up tall ladders in the back of the church. Mrs. Imogene Higgins recalls hearing the hammers from here down home as late as one in the morning. The Lord was helping us.

Brother Mize and Mr. Henry Cannon were good carpenters. All the others helped. Mrs. Mize and Mrs. Higgins took a truck to Lewisburg to pick up windows and doors for the auditorium. The job began in March of 1949. The first services were held in the building in May of that same year.

The dedication service for the new building was December 18, 1949. It was at this time we observed our first anniversary dinner. We did this is the aisles of the church. The second and third anniversary were served in the upper Sunday School classrooms.

In January, 1950, the motion was made to proceed with making additions to the church building for the purpose of providing Sunday School:

Cecil Law was a good bulldozer operator and he dug the basement with the dozer the county loaned the church. All of us had families for whom to make a living. Bro. Mize was not paid very much to pastor. He held a regular job outside of pastoring the church at all times. We paid tithes and did all we could. The Lord blessed so much. We will always know it was his will for this church to be organized.

In March, 1950, the church purchased an upright piano for eighty dollars. This instrument now sits in the church's fellowship hall.

In June, 1950, the church deemed it necessary to exercise disciplinary actions rarely employed by churches. The man was guilty of deserting his family and was promptly expelled from membership of Allegre Baptist Church.

In October, 1950, the first three deacons were ordained by Allegre Baptist Church. These Brothers in Christ were Odell Harrison, Earnest Higgins and Cecil Law. Upon Bro. law's demise in January, '53' Bro. Justice Shanklin was ordained as a deacon. In October, 1955, Brother Essie Cardwell joined Allegre Baptist Church by letter of a consenting Baptist church of Butler County, Kentucky. Having been ordained a deacon of his previous church, Allegre Baptist Church accepted him as the fourth living, active deacon. Essie Cardwell remains a member of Allegre Baptist Church. He is the only deacon recognized by the membership at this time.

In October, 1951, the church accepted its first missionary in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was Brother De Rossett, a missionary to the continent of Africa. The church granted him a monthly allowance of ten dollars.

The church's missionary program has been blessed; we now spiritually and financially support seven missionaries throughout the world. The following is a list of the missionaries this church supports and the area in which they serve.

Bro Bill Williams------------------------Mexico
Bro. Andrew Perschbacher------------Chippewa Indians in Michigan
Bro. Dennis Thomas---------------------Costa Rica
Bro. Robert Creech---------------------Panama
Bro. Dan Chase-------------------------Brazil
Bro. Andrade Hilderbrando-------------Brazil

Allegre Baptist Church also prepares a weekly radio mission effort that attempts to extend the Gospel of Christ to the local community.

The continuation of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ at Allegre Baptist Church has been blessed to have serve the holy cause, men of great faith. Following is a list of men called of God to serve His cause as Pastors of the Allegre Missionary Baptist Church.

Bro. R.D. Mize------------------------- 1948--1951

Bro. R D and Mary Ellen Mize

Bro. Roy Marcus----------------------- 1951--1953

Bro. Roy and Lois Marques

Bro. Earl Craig-------------------------- 1953--1955

Bro. C. B. Troutman-------------------- 1955--1966

Bro. C B and Sydney Troutman

Bro. L. G. Richardson------------------ 1966--1970

Bro. Douglas Armstrong -------------- 1971--1973

Bro. Douglas, Shella, and Gail Armstrong

Bro. C.B. Troutman ------------------- 1973--1985

Bro. C B and Sydney Troutman

Bro. Donald Hunter -------------------- 1985--1989

Bro. Don and Judy Hunter

Bro. James Tacker ---------------------1989--1994

Bro. James and Barbara Tacker

Bro. J.R. Craig ------------------------- 1995--2005

Bro. J R and Polly Craig

Bro. Eddie Mitchell ---------------------2005-- present

Bro. Eddie and Delois Mitchell


Under conviction of the Holy Spirit, the following individuals established Allegre Baptist Church. It is because of their honorable deeds of personal sacrifice, spiritual, social, financial, and otherwise, that today we may faithfully worship God in this place, and fellowship with individuals washed in His Holy Blood whom we proudly call Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Our sincerest gratitude to these first members of the
Allegre Missionary Baptist Church.

Earl Craig; Imogene Higgins; Ailene Shanklin;
Mary Ruth Craig; Mazine Jones; Earl Shanklin;
J C Fleming; Elwood Kirkman; Justice Shanklin;
Arvill Harrison; Mary Ellen Mize; Mabel Shanklin;
Estylene Harrison; R D Mize; Robert Shanklin;
Letha Harrison; C Z Reid; Clifford West;
Margie Harrison; Gay Reid; Charles West;
Odell Harrison; Alice Russell; Vernie West;
Ernest Higgins; Chester Russell...


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