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The Baptist Challenge is a wonderful Christian Paper. If you read it, your heart will be blessed. The Editor is Bro. M. L. Moser.

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This book dedicated to the millions of Baptist martyrs who, all down through the ages of church history, have given their lives for "the faith once for all committed to the saints." May we be as true to the faith as they.

And to the membership of the Central Baptist Church of Little Rock that has stood by me so loyally throughout the more than a quarter of a century that I have been their pastor.


I want to acknowledge the work of love of my son and associate, M. L. Moser, Jr. and his faithful wife Edith, for their untiring efforts in getting this book ready for the public. Except for their work in preparing the manuscript, the proofreading, printing, and the many different kinds of work involved in such an undertaking, this work would have been impossible.


The plan and the outline suggested in this book has been put to the test for more than fifteen years in the Central Baptist Church of Little Rock, Arkansas. Back in the 1920's, I became dissatisfied with the quarterlies of the Southern Baptist Convention. At the best, they were but thin milk and water, and at the worst contained some modernistic and social gospel statements. Because of the modernism and the infidelity of the literature of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Central Baptist Church began the use of the Bible and the Bible only in its Sunday School in the fall of 1931. We found such a plan eminently successful in the Sunday School, but we faced great difficulties in the Training Union.

We asked other independent churches about their plans and found that none had seemingly found a solution to the problem. We tried first one plan and then another, but without any success. After several discouraging attempts, we finally disbanded our Training Union groups and had only the Sunday night preaching services. We were losing some of our young people that way, and so began again to consider ways and means of once again establishing a Training Union. There was no thought of going back to the use of quarterlies as commonly used

After much prayer, a new plan was devised that would supplement the Sunday School. In the Sunday School we studied the Bible book-by-book. Why not, in the Training Union, study the Bible doctrine-by-doctrine. In that way all our people would be developed in a full rounded systematic study of the Bible. We decided to use Pendleton's Church Manual as an outline. In a few weeks we had divided Pendleton's Church Manual into fifty-two lessons and were ready to set up our Training Union again. The plan took hold of our church, but the growth was slow. The change was a radical one and took time for development, but as the plan "caught on," the spiritual power of the church developed. Our people, and especially the young people, became indoctrinated and the whole life of the church showed improvement. In my personal opinion, nothing has helped build a spiritual backbone in our church so much as this series of studies.

In the years that have come and gone since the plan was adopted, there have been some minor improvements, but the original plan is still the basis of the study. We believe that the plan can work in every church and that the plan, if carefully and prayerfully carried out, will result in, not only holding the young people of the church, but in the general strengthening of the entire body. We suggest the adoption of some such plan to every Baptist church.

The outline for the entire year is published and every member supplied with a copy. While we include the material from Pendleton's Church Manual, the Bible is the source book for every lesson. This plan supplements the Sunday School lessons and provides a well-rounded course in Systematic Theology. At the end of the year, every member in the course would be indoctrinated as no other method in use at the present time could indoctrinate. The course would be repeated year after year, using the same outline. New members would be added to the course from time to time, and older members would become more thoroughly acquainted with the Bible. In a very short time all who participate in the Training Union would be able to give "a reason of the hope" that is in them.

In publishing this book, we send it forth with a prayer that God will bless its use and that "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" will become a living reality in the lives of our Baptist people.

M. L. Moser, Sr., Pastor Emeritus
Central Baptist Church
Little Rock, Arkansas


It gives me great pleasure to introduce this book of 52 lessons in Baptist doctrine, church decorum and program to its readers. A whole year's course of studies for church members in training for greater service is a keenly felt need among independent Baptists particularly, and doubtless it would do valuable service to any church that will make consistent use of it.

It is a unique work, using the text of Pendleton's Church Manual, taking a portion week by week till the whole work is covered thoroughly. The manual text is supplemented with the publishers own notations, topics for group leader's discussion and suggested subtopics and questions for class-member discussion.

The value of the text is enhanced appreciably also by giving the full text of the Orthodox Baptist Confession of Faith. It was based largely on the confession included in Pendleton's Church Manual and matured by the late Dr. W. Lee Rector in 1935. We know of no confession more faithful to the historic Baptist faith and practice than the Orthodox Baptist Confession of Faith.

The work is also made valuable to all Baptists who care to take the trouble to be faithful in faith and practice to our Baptist heritage according to the New Testament by piquant quotations from recognized Baptist authorities on doctrine, church decorum, church independence and missions. These quotes are choice bits and should be treasured as a rich heritage by all Baptists.

The work is past the experimental stage having been used by the Central Baptist Church of Little Rock, Arkansas, for a number of years. It provides a means to a coveted end: namely, a more thoroughly indoctrinated and trained church membership to carry on the noble work left to the churches by our Lord Jesus Christ till He comes again. I am happy to commend it to pastors and churches desiring a constructive work.

R. Nelson Colyar, Th. M.
November, 1959
Denver, Colorado



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Disclaimer; I am highly honored and humbled at receiving the permission of Bro. M. L. Moser in being able to place his book on the Jim Keeling Ministries web site.

Little did I know back in the early 80's when first given a copy of the "Baptist Doctrine in One Year" book, by my late pastor, Bro. C. B. Troutman, that I would, 25 years later, be sharing this wonderful Bible learning tool with all of you. I wish to thank Bro. Moser for his kindness for allowing me to share this masterpiece and I know that it will bless all who study it's pages and lessons.

This Bible study is not only for Baptist but for any domination, race, color or creed who have a yearning to grow in Bible truth and doctrine. Regardless of your background... If you are a bought by the blood, born again child of God, this Baptist Doctrine in one Year book is a must read . May the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth as you learn of God's Holy direction for your life. Thank you and may God richly bless you!