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Blanketss for our Soldiers in Iraq






The ladies of the Allegre Church got together and decided they wanted to do something special for our troops serving in Iraq... With the help and instructions of some dear Mennonite friends of Connie and I, Emma, Naomi, and daughter Kaitlyn, ( I call her Buttons ) who had experience in making these type of blankets and willing to help the ladies of our church, came and all the ladies got together one evening at the church and made 10 homemade blankets to send over seas to our soldiers... Several ladies brought their sewing machines and others the materials, and some snacks... After several hours of joining forces, their labors of love and blankets were completed and ready to be shipped to our soldiers...

Here are the names of the women who have made there contribution in showing at least some of our troops that the folks at home do care about them and what they are doing as they fight for the freedoms abroad and of the Americans here at home...

These dear little ladies are:

Emma Peachey, Naomi Shetler, the Mennonite instructors and helpers with Kaitlyn Shetler the youngest helper in the  group. Along with them are Connie Keeling, Dianne Pipkin, Nelda Law, Robin Cardwell, Virginia Law, Delois Mitchell, Mary Weatherford, Susie Martin, Sharon Pogue, Terecia Tatum, Tabitha Tatum, Barbara Keeling, Lisa Cardwell, Wanda Nichols, Kathy Law, and Kourtney Dycus

Naomi was kind enough to take the pictures below for me after I told her I wanted to make this web page for our church. I gave her my camera and told her the battery was charged and for her to get plenty of shots of what and how the ladies made out that evening... I think Naomi did a great job as you will see below and I sure do appreciate her kindness in all she as well as all of the ladies did at this work party at our church... I wish to thank each and everyone of you for showing your Christian love for God and country and especially for our troopers... May God Bless you all for your efforts...



Getting Started






And now that these ladies have gotten it figured out: Lets go to work...




























Well I guess it is time for a snack. *smile*








Well, it back to work time now...








And just in case you might of thought that all Naomi did was take pictures. Well Let's see:

Yes, someone sneaked this one of her working. *smile*



And now for the finished blankets.






And that last picture is of Buttons who just got home with Connie Emma and Naomi. She ran in here to my study to tell me of all the hard work she did making those big blankets for the soldiers. She sure was bubbling over as she filled me in on what she and the ladies did at our church...


I hope that you enjoyed your visit as together we see what a big difference can be made even from a small country church trying to show God's love towards others... It's a good feeling knowing that at least 10 soldiers will sleep a little bit warmer tonight because someone cared...

May God bless these dear ladies and May God bless our soldiers everywhere!  




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