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wish to Thank you for stopping by to read some of the poetry and stories in this section of my web site. I am honored to have you visit with me and pray that the Lord will bless and touch your hearts with His love... I wish to thank Dottie Call, a truly sweet and dear little Christian lady, for writing and sending this tender poem... I've chosen to open this stories and poems section with her touching poem  entitled:      ~Dear Jim~  

With a ministry such as mine you never know how others feel about you or what you're trying to accomplish until someone writes and tells you. I've had several write and said they felt this way but didn't have a talent for writing poetry... I wish to say that their letters have meant so much and touched my heart deeply and I appreciate and cherish each of them. For God has blessed them with other talents as equally important...

But to have a poem written about you? Well, it's expression of love is so special and brought tears as I read it and I just have to share it with you all... I must thank Jesus for allowing me to touch so many lives and hearts with His love through this ministry...
What a humbling experience for this ole sinner who's been saved by His marvelous grace and I praise My Lord with all that is in me...
  Well Glory!





~Dear Jim ~

It is so nice to hear from my brother
I enjoy him most every day,
He tells me how God really loves me
And how He takes my sins all away

Jim is so kind and so gentle;
He wouldn't hurt a flea
He loves his little flock,
And thatís including me.

His letters are very interesting
Right from the very start
They paint a picture for me
That thrills and warms my heart

Jim always gives the Lord the credit,
For his blessings every day
He always tells us about Him
And what He has to say.

I've never met this man called Jim,
But I know we're in the same race,
The Lord will introduce us
Some day in "outer space"

He worries if he thinks we're upset
If we're sick or it's just a bad day
I can just see his big heart breaking,
If someone falls by the way.

I know the Good Lord will bless him
For giving so much of his time
And I wanted to tell him "I love Him"
So I wrote it all down in rhyme

Thank you ,Jim for your caring
For all the kind words you said
For the joy and the pleasure you give usí
And all of the tears you have shed.

Some day when we all get to heaven
On streets that are made of pure gold
We'll tell God how Jim helped so manyí
With the letters and stories he told.

Then God will give us a mansion
By His own precious hand we'll be led,
We'll watch and we'll all be so happy
As he places those crown's on Jims head.

By: Dottie Call     August 2004





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