Aztech Industries.

Latest in Computer Technology

Thanks to the latest technology we are now offering you the ability to take pictures from
your computer screen without the use of a camera.

From the small amounts of radiation emitting from the human body,
Aztech Industries

has developed a program like no other, in that your computer monitor picks up this small
amount of radiation and transfers it to your computer‘s hard drive.

This transfer causes and image to appear and we have scientifically been able to transpose this image to a printable chip located in your computer. The result is a clear almost professional looking picture.

To take your picture just follow these simple directions.
You will be amazed!

  Step #1 You must be from 15 to 20 inches from the monitor screen...

  Step #2 Look into the camera and smile...........................................

    Step #3. Hit the page scroll key on your computer and upon seeing the
developer bar click on it and count to 10 very slow.

  Step #4 Hit the scroll down once more and see the developed picture
appear on you monitor screen..

That is all there is to it.. Have fun and enjoy this newest technologies from;

Aztech Industries.

Note: You will be prompted for each step...

Scroll Down now Please..







Step #2 Look into the camera and smile;

Slowly Count to 10


After counting   Please Scroll down








Your picture is now being developed...



Count to 15 very slow and then Scroll down.








Sorry, you must have counted to fast. The picture didn't develop completely.
Scroll down and try counting slower to pick up the missed portion of your picture.

Count to 7 very slow and then Scroll down.







Congratulations. You may now pick up your picture.

Scroll Down Please.













My, Oh, My!
But don't you look lovely today?

Hee hee hee
ha ha ha ho ho ho
this is sooooo funny and you look soooo cute...




The next time a friend comes to your house I just know that you will want to
take their Picture using this new Technology.. (smile)

PS. May the Good Lord take a liking to ya!




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