There's Gotta be A Reason






 There's Gotta Be a Reason

I'm so unworthy, why did you choose me?
Won't you help me now to see, what you'd have me to do.
By your strength I'll carry on, till I see that one great dawn;
When you come to take me home......With You.

There's gotta be a reason, why Jesus chose me,
There's got to be a reason, why he died on Calvary,
His splendor's everywhere, earth's creation we can share,
There's got to be a reason,.........For Me.

He put me here one day, that I might point the way;
to that old rugged cross you see, won't you come and go with me.
He's promised eternal life, where there's no more sorrow or strife,
That's the reason we're here you see, for the praise of His Glory.

- *** -

For the answer to this song; I invite you now to sing along,
The answer's plain you see, why Jesus died for me,
He shed his blood that day, so I might know the way,
to heaven's happy home, A Great Love he has shone;

That is the reason, why Jesus chose me.
That is the reason, why he died on Calvary;
His Love was shone that day, in a very special way.
That is the reason,........For Me.

   song lyrics and music by;  James W. Keeling
                                                        copyright  1986



Once again I Thank YOU for visiting with me... If you don't know my Jesus as your personal Saviour but would like to, why not, in your own words, ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, acknowledge that you believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, suffered and gave his life on that old cross, shedding His pure blood as the ultimate sacrifice for you, and that on the third day arose from the grave and is on the right hand of God the Father in heaven both now and forever more. And then ask Jesus to come into your heart and save your soul, writing your name in the Lambs Book of Life.. If you have accepted Jesus today, that means that your are saved and born again. You have been adopted into the family of God just like me...  I am then not only your friend but your brother in Christ. Please write and let me know of that decision so that I might pray and rejoice with you…

May God Bless you, each and everyone. With Love, Jim





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