What an honor and privilege it is for me to have you come on in and visit with me. I do hope that you will be blessed by your visit and enjoy the fruits of all of these dear ones who have a God given talent for writing poetry and aren't ashamed to share it with others... I will have links to my other pages below and I hope that you will take a moment to read some of these great works... Thank you!

I wish to give a special thanks to Tammy for writing the poem, "A soldier Standing Tall' about me... You can't imagine what a surprise it was when I got this e-mail from Tammy and ask if I would look at a new page she had made. When I saw this beautiful poem about me, tears just filled my eyes. I never dreamed she thought of me in this way... To see Jesus in a person is an awesome reward but to see that person as a soldier of the cross as well is far beyond my vocabulary of expression.

Tammy, you are so special and gifted and a sweet little Christian lady and I am honored to be able to call you my 'dear friend'... This has truly been a humbling experience for me and I shall cherish the thought as long as I live... Again, Thank you Tammy for your kindness!



To you Jim Keeling,
love Tammy & Rick

Yonder in the hills
Of Kentucky, lives a man,
A soldier for the Lord
He's a witness with a stand.

Who spreads the Gospel Story
To so many, far and wide;
And tells the weary sinners
'Bout how Christ was Crucified.

A brother in the Lord
And a friend he is to me;
A blessing I have gotten
From his Testimony, see.

If e're you're needing prayer
You can always go to him;
Or for that ray of sunshine,
One can always count on Jim.

His 'Daily Thoughts' encourage
How they brighten every day;
And bring so much rejoicing,
It's no wonder we can say:

"Thank you for the blessings
That you bring to every one;
Thank you for your witness
For our Saviour, God's own Son."

"Thank you for the hours,
Every day, through-out the years;
You work to spread the Gospel,
Thanks for all of your own tears."

"You never 'had' to do it
But with willing heart you strive;
To tell about Salvation
And that Jesus is alive!"

It isn't any wonder
That so many love you Jim;
You show your dedication
Every time you speak for HIM.

Thank you for so often
That you share with us God's Word;
Thank you for the love it takes
To make sure that it's heard.

Just wanted you to know
That you are special to us all,
As far as we're concerned
You're a soldier standing tall.

Just for you Jim. God Bless you,
dear brother-in-Christ
What a blessing you are to us!

Written by:
Tammy Boatman-Young
for Jim


Here are some more pages of poetry written and sent to me thru the years. I hope that you will enjoy the talents of these as much a I. I have placed the poems pages below the stories links on the page in the stories section. I will be moving them from Yahoo as soon as possible... (smile)

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