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And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not.
John 1: 5


I have chosen the 'Lighthouse Theme' for this introduction page because of my dear friends; Rick and Tammy Young. For they are a lighthouse for Jesus whether at home or on the net...

This first poem has been so humbling for me.. It was written by one of the dearest little ladies I have had the honor of calling my friend. Tammy and I first met shortly after her son died from a tragic accident. She joined my e-mail list and as time went by, I am not sure who was blessing whom... For she and her husband Rick not only talk the talk but walk the walk as sweet Christians... I am in awe as I read some of the poems Tammy has written and I implore you to visit her truly beautiful site and see for yourself the magnificent display of talent found there... I know it will truly bless you as you read and see her lovely pages and poetry writings...



Just For You, Jim

Of all the Christian brothers
Who have touched upon my heart;
There is a certain someone
That has blessed me from the start.

Please send this to Kentucky
Way up in the hills, to him;
'Tis to a saintly soldier
Who I call my 'Brother Jim'.

How many times a blessing,
Jim has given to us all?
When all the while, he suffers
And his pain, it isn't small.

It may be that his health
Just isn't what it used to be;
But 'never mind' he says because
He still loves you and me.

I've never known a kinder
Or a sweeter heart to share;
When e're I called on Jim
Well you can bet that he was there.

Oh if you've got a prayer
Or request, just let him know;
My friend, his heart will soften
And his tenderness will show.

So yonder in Kentucky
Lives a gentleman, and friend;
And that is why this
'Thank You'
Just to you dear Jim, I send.

Written by:
your friend and sis-in-Christ, Tammy B. Young


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This Poem and the Soldier page were made on; Dec.10, 2002