~ Standing Room Only ~



Standing Room Only
Not even room to kneel and pray.
Standing Room Only
On the judgment day.

Last night I had an awful dream;
That the end of time had come.
The trumpets had been sounded;
And life on earth was done.


An angel stood one foot on land;
The other foot on sea.
And as I tried to kneel and pray;
A voice said unto me;

"There's standing room only
It's too late now to pray.
There's standing room only
This is the judgment day."

People filled each church and church yard;
Just as far as I could see.
I heard a pitiful cry for mercy;
And then I realized it was me.

I saw the Savior then appear;
As He split the eastern sky.
I saw tears of joy on a Christian face;
And I heard the sinners cry.

And as I try to touch His hand;
With one last feeble plea.
I cried again have mercy;
Have mercy Lord on me.

I saw a tear come to His eye;
As He turn my soul away.
I didn't know Him yesterday;
And He knew me not today.

The earth was burning all around;

The world went up in smoke.
And as the flames engulf me;

Thank God, I awoke;

Then I got out of bed and;
Got down on my knees.
And you should have heard me pray;

For in my dream I witnessed;
God's Great Judgment Day.

Standing Room Only
On God's Great Judgment Day


Listen Folks,

On this day of judgment YOU definitely do NOT want to be standing before the Almighty God as He sits upon His Great White Judgment Throne. For those who stand before Him will not only be judged but condemned to spend an eternity in the everlasting lake of fire. There is no mercy shown to anyone at that time. It will be to late then to call upon God for forgiveness and salvation.

The Bible says that Now is the accepted time, Now is the day of salvation. Right now, while upon this earth is the only time you and I have to come to Christ and begging for forgiveness of our sins, to be forgiven. It is the time for accepting Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Saviour and becoming saved and born again...

Don't put off until tomorrow because this may very well be your last opportunity to cry out to God. And remember this: that you and I are only ONE breath away from eternity... And where you spend eternity is up to you; And so right now and right where you are; Won't you accept Christ today?

This decision is totally up to you and no one else but it is the very most important decision you'll ever make in this lifetime... For more information on how to be save and have it explained, Please visit:

What Must I Do to be Saved?


Song is sung by; "Loretta Lynn"

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