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Good Morning My Little Flock,                                     September 1, 2002

Can you believe that it is September already? Me neither. (smile) Well it is 3:05 in the morning and I have been up for 2 hours now an having my morning coffee. (smile) I had one of those pass out spells Friday and haven’t been worth 2 cents ever since.. It has been a mad house here at the Bar-K-Ranch but a good mad house, if you know what I mean.. That Connie girl has been busier than the whole bee hive these last two days and we’ve had a house full.. There are 3 little campers in the living room sleeping and Panda is in the middle of them. Grandbabies everywhere but I wouldn’t have it any other way...

Scott called Friday and wanted Connie to bring the car hauler trailer so He can move from Cleveland Tenn. to Louisville, Ky. He’s got a new job.. I wouldn’t let her though because she would have to drive through Nashville and Chattanooga with the big Chevy dully truck and a trailer. I felt it was to dangerous and she would have to take Dianne and the grandbabies too. Beside I had just passed out again and she didn’t want to leave me alone that long. So yesterday she drove my little 74 Dodge I ton and trailer to this side of Nashville and met Scott and he borrowed the Dodge truck and trailer and she drove his jeep back here.

When she got here Eric, Melanie, Madeline, Little Will, and Aaron were here. We had a cook out afterward I sat in my ole easy chair and about 9pm knocked out. I awoke about 1am but couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m having some chest pains so I made a pot of strong coffee and here I am.. (big smile on face) LOL

I read this story about The Wimmicks Friday and it has been on my mind ever since. I used it in ’my thought for today’ Friday but just as I was ready to mail it to you this PC locked up and I lost it all. I was so upset. Over three hours work and poof! All gone... I passed out before I could redo it. But this story is still on my mind.. I will send the story to you after I finish this. (smile)
But tears ran down my cheeks as I read this story and the implications of it soaked in.

The gist of the story is a wood worker named Eli created a village of wooden people, called Wemmicks. Each was different and they would put stars on each other when that wooden person did good and a gray dot when they couldn’t achieve or meet the others expectations. One, named Punchinello, became covered in gray dots because he didn’t come up to what the others thought he should.. So he hides in his house. As he looks out of his window every one of the other wooden people had stars and little dot covering them except for this one very happy little girl Wemmick. Neither the stars nor the gray dots would stick to her. Punchinello, being covered in gray dots from everyone sticking them on him, and feeling so bad about himself, ask the little girl Wemmick why nothing stuck to her and she tells him to go see Eli their creator. She further told Punchinello that she went every day.. So Punchinello goes to see Eli.... and today’s message stems from Punchinello meeting Eli, his creator.... (You really need to read the story)

I Samuel 16: 7
[7] But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

You’ve heard that saying, ‘we are what we think’ Maybe it should say, ‘we are what others think we are’ ... Nothing turns my crank quicker than hearing a parent or adult say, ’you’re so stupid, can’t you do anything right’ or ‘look how fat you are, no one wants to be your friend’ or ‘I’m so ashamed of you’ Just look at you’ A person can kill a child with ’WORDS’ and the sad thing is that they do it without thinking of the damage their causing or the effect it may cause them for the rest of their life. ‘WORDS’ are powerful. We sometimes destroy young minds with them.
Example; Listen to how much better this sounds. instead of ‘you’re so stupid don’t you know anything’, you said, ’you know, I didn’t know that either until I read this book explaining it to me.’ And then show them the book. Or take time and show them how to do something they don’t know how to do instead of saying ’can’t you do anything right?’ Wording is everything...

But I am getting away from my thought here. (smile) What happens when we get older and we look at all of the stars or gray dots others have stuck on us? Take a look at yourself. What do you see? A Punchinello, like in the story, covered in little gray dots. What do you see? Have you not gone somewhere because you didn’t have the right dress or you were working in the garage and had dirt on your clothes. And young person, maybe you didn’t go to a school function because everyone had a certain hairdo or certain clothes. Maybe you’ve been told how fat you are and ashamed for others to see you and feel they won’t like you or want to be your friend...

What do you see? Do you want to know why tears came to my eyes as I read the story? Because I am a human Punchinello covered in little gray dots. When I look into the mirror I see the invention of the word ugly... I seldom even go out in public because of it. I’ve seen how people stare in the stores and even some of my family have been ashamed when I’ve gone out with them... Oh, they didn’t say anything but I could tell by their actions and looks... Yes, it hurts, so after awhile you just stay home on your own little world... In my case? On this computer or playing my guitar and singing songs for my Jesus...

What I see in the mirror is what I feel others see... I am going to be vivid here because of my blind friend, Elizabeth, who is on my mail list.. And actually she probably sees more without sight, in this respect, than most do who have 20/20 vision. (smile) And I wouldn’t put this on here but I feel the Holy Spirit will use it to help someone who is in a similar circumstance. So here goes. Here is what I saw the other day as I looked into the mirror after reading the story..

At an over all look from head to toe I saw an older, very large portly man with balding hair. One who had been strong and powerful as a young man but through years of hard work and battle scars has become feeble and dependant upon others.. I saw bulging, blood shot eyes from hypo- thyroid and enlarged heart and blocked blood vessels. I saw false teeth because a steel plate hit me in the mouth and the real ones were knocked out.. I saw a face which years before carried an easy smile but now has strained lines from the constant pain... I then stepped back from the mirror and gazed on down...

I saw a swollen ruptured belly from lifting more than I should have while working on a tractor. I saw that one hip is very noticeably larger than the other one because of a motor cycle wreck where the meat was torn from the bone and pushed back, leaving that leg numb except for the burning sensation when I stand on it very long.. I saw a swollen lymphatic leg which is almost twice the size of the other leg, that is now starting to show signs of doing the same... I saw a foot swollen to the point that a normal shoe can not be worn or laced up... As I looked at this image in the mirror I had to laugh. No wonder people stared and children pointed as embarrassed mothers tried to divert their attention to something else... As I looked at the image I wondered how anyone could love the site in front of me... It looked like something from the horror movies..

But then I saw something I hadn’t seen before.. Oh, I knew it was there alright. I just hadn’t seen it... There was a twinkle. I took off my glasses and stepped closer.. Yes, it was there alright. Emitting from deep within my eyes I could see it.. There was a twinkle of love there. A light shining from Jesus had put a twinkle in there... I had been like Punchinello as I looked into the mirror and had been seeing what others see instead of looking at what the creator sees. As in the story what my creator sees is special to him because I am His... He loves me so much and all these things that everyone has been seeing and have been looking at doesn’t matter to HIM. For He sees my heart and it is covered in the pure blood of His precious Son and can not be anything less than beautiful..
Therefore; I can, in all honesty say, “ I ---AM ---BEAUTIFUL”

This is what My Father in Heaven sees and that is the twinkle emitting from down deep in my eyes. It is the Love of Jesus. Well Glory! And so my little flock, if you have Jesus in your heart, then it doesn’t matter so much what the outside appearance might be.. Because you are beautiful in the eyes of God... Well Glory! Can you say it with me? I--AM--- BEAUTIFUL! It makes me so happy to hear you say that. (smile)
Say it one more time.. I--AM--BEAUTIFUL.

And as the story ends; Punchinello is walking out the door when Eli the creator says. “Remember, you are special because I made you. And I don’t make mistakes.” And just as in the story; You and I are special because God made us, and God surly doesn’t make mistakes.
Yes, you and I, are truly beautiful in the eyes of God and that’s all that matters and we need to go to the creator every day to be reminded of this fact..
You---are---special!       Well Glory!



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