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The Left picture is my Mom and Dad.  Bill and Gwen Keeling

The right picture is Connie's Mom and Dad; Hugh and Jesse Marie Dossett

Connie's mom and dad are both in heaven with my dad today and are so very much missed.
My mom is feeble now and 85 years old and not able to get around much but we are enjoying her being here with us. I know she misses dad so and is looking forward to seeing him again in heaven one of these days soon...  



 This little guy on the left letting the world know he doesn't like sitting in
the sticky grass is yours truly; Me
This pretty little girl on the right who doesn't meet the love of her life, me, until
she is 19, is Thelma Marie Dossett, 'My Connie Girl'



I told Connie the first day I met her that I was going to marry her, and she laughed but 4 months later this picture was taken. It was on Feb. 15, 1965 and I have been laughing ever since. Little did My Connie Girl know that when my dad married us, he would tie such a hard ole knot into the marriage vows. I am here to tell the whole world that I have the best wife a man could ask for and I will Love her forever!




These three little stair steps are Jimmy II, Scott, and Eric...This picture was taken in the late '60's Their ages are exactly 3 years apart for 15 Days in Sept and raising these three was a blast. They are and were the best son's a man could ask for and it has been an honor for me to have these 3 boy's placed into my care from the Heavenly Father. Jimmy, the eldest, after a fatal truck accident, left on July 19, 2008 and has gone on to be with the Lord.

 But for sure, each of my son's have been a blessing sent from heaven.
God has been so good to me and Connie girl allowing us to borrow these wonderful sons from Our Lord and for that I Praise His Holy Name. Well Glory!




Left; Early one Sat. morning Connie and I awoke to a strange noise in the house.
Tip toeing thru the house revealed mom's little helper, Jimmy, doing the dishes for her.
Not bad for a two year old.

Right: This was Scott and Eric, shinning their army boots just a few days before they shipped out for Desert Storm. Their Momma and I sure were worried while they were gone but God brought them both home safely. A mother and dad couldn't be prouder...


This is Jimmy, my eldest son and lovely wife, Tammy. Jimmy was owner and operator of  the ABC Trucking Co. Tammy works as a secretary for the Pennyrile Area Development District. Connie and I are so thankful that Jimmy found such a wonderful little Christian wife to share his life with and even though his life was cut short we couldn't have asked for a better daughter-in-law. She will always remain our sweet daughter.




This is my middle son, Scott and his little wife Renee. They live in Ocean Isles Beach, North Carolina. Scott owns and operates a concrete business and Renee is a sweet little country gal who is not only Scott's wife but does the secretarial part of the
S & R Quality Concrete business...

Although Scott had accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour years ago, he had never been baptized. Scott's one son, Aaron was Saved and Born Again the day of Jimmy's funeral on Saturday 26, 2008 and that very next evening Sunday at the Allegre Missionary Baptist Church, both Scott and Aaron were baptized... And so through this tragedy of Jimmy's death and sorrow came a time of rejoicing and praise for Our Heavenly Father because of God's love and mercy on my little family. I know that Scott's brother Jimmy and eldest son Scotty, who was killed in a auto accident only 2 years ago on Oct. 11, 2006, along with the angels in heaven were rejoicing for sure. 
Well Glory!  




This is my youngest son, Eric and his sweet wife Melanie. Eric is a high school principal in Morgantown, Ky.  Melanie teaches high school English at Warren East High School  in Bowling Green. Melanie is a great little mother, home maker, and wonderful wife and daughter in law. Eric is the youngest of my sons and has accomplished so much in his schooling carrier. His momma and I couldn't be prouder of our youngest son and family. 


And Here are some pictures of Connie girl and my
Grand Babies.




From left to right are Will, Kourtney, and Ashlee. Will and Kourtney are Jimmy's from a previous marriage and Ashlee is Tammy's. Together they made a new family and so precious to Connie and myself. They all loved Jimmy so much and miss him terribly and I can only pray for God to touch each of their lives in His love and mercy and somehow bring comfort to them and they try and move on in life without their dad...  




These two are Scotts boys from his first marriage. # 76 is Scotty and little brother Aaron. Scotty has gone on to be with the Lord and his grandma and I are still trying to deal with his not being in and out of the house all the time...  Aaron is on the honor roll at school and still lives here in Elkton, so Connie and I get to see him pretty often and that is so nice. Aaron is the one who got saved the day of Jimmy's funeral and now realizes that he too will one day see his brother Scotty and uncle Jimmy again. Connie girl and I rejoice and praise God for being able to witness Aaron's salvation and see him and his dad Baptized together on the same day... Thank you dear Lord for granting this privilege. Well Glory! 



On the Left are Ethan and Kaity. They are Scotts children from his second marriage and live somewhere in Montana. Connie and I haven't seen them in a long time, 6 or 7 years now and it is so hurtful not to get to see them grow or get to hold them or to talk to them.   Aren't they pretty grand children? I can only pray the one day they will find Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and that maybe I'll get to see them again before I leave this world...

On the right is Alexandria. She is cute as a button and smart as a whip. We have so much fun when she comes. Alex is a live wire and she loves the animals. This little button nose is Scott made over.  LOL She lives not to far away and we get to see her once in awhile.



This little praying dumpling is Mattie and belongs to Eric and Melanie. Mattie is such a smart little grand baby and of coarse I'm not just saying that because I'm her Pa Pa. (smile) But she can sing God Bless America all the way thru and knows many nursery rhymes. She even  remembers things better than I do. But then I'm not 3 yrs. old. LOL 

Since I've written the above on Mattie, she has turned 9 years old and is now in the 4th grade. She is still smart as a whip and taking piano lessons. When Eric and Melanie bring her over she most times plays me a recital on the piano... I'm not sure what she is going to settle on in life but whatever it is I do know that she is determined, a little head strong, and I know that she will her best to succeed... Mattie is a true little blessing sent from God...



This picture of Connie girl, grandson Scotty, and me was taken at Eric and Melanie's Wedding. I married them and I hope that I tied as good a marriage vow knot as my dad tied for Connie and I. I bet you didn't think ol' Pa Pa could look that snazzy huh?  LOL But of coarse just being in a picture with my beautiful wife and eldest grandson had to help. The Lord has truly been good to this ol' country boy for sure... *smile*

Well, I surely do thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share my family with you all. I hope that you enjoyed your visit as much as I've enjoyed having you. And remember to always thank God and praise Him for all the blessings He has given to you and your families... I can only pray that your family has been as happy and blessed as mine has...

May God Richly Bless You and All Your Family.


This Great Family Site Award comes from "The lambs Way," created by Connie Thomas. Thank you so much for this beautiful award. And being a father and a Paw Paw, I don't believe that I could have received a more lovely one.



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