Allegre Baptist Church's

A Mother's Day Celebration

The following pictures show the fun being had at the Allegre Church's Mother & Daughter Day Celebration.

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Of coarse is wasn't all just eating. There was some help from a few fellas showing the task and jobs of you mothers.


Such as running to go shopping, hauling the children, or picking up a friend to take with you

Perhaps one of the hardest jobs for a mother is being the family nurse or advisor

And then there is always taking the Children to the ball practice and games or piano lessons

And there were all sorts of entertainments and entertainers.



And now may I proudly present some of our mothers and daughters.


Yes it was a wonderful day for our mothers and daughters but little Elijah was just too worn out from all the excitement and just goes to sleep

We hope that you all have enjoyed our Mother's Day Celebration. We sure have enjoyed sharing it with you. May God bless all our Mothers and Families.



These pictures were taken by Connie Keeling who was not shown here. But we found a picture of Connie and one of the Daughter-in-laws



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