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Matthew 28: 18, 20 "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen."

Introduction update;
April 7, 2007

I wish to thank you for visiting with me. I covet your prayers as I continue to strive and bring the gospel of Jesus to the lost... I am presently the webmaster and doing an online missionary ministry for and by the authority of the
 Allegre Missionary Baptist Church.

I began this ministry in 2000 with eleven members to whom I refer to as 'my little flock'. There were well over 700 on my mailing list which received 'My Thought for Today.' until my mailing program was halted by the servers. Satan at work!  But praise God, I now have a new mailing program [began Jan. 2007], and it's like starting all over again with over 200 and growing. I am humbled and honored by this once again growing ministry and praise God in thanks for this opportunity in serving Him. Well Glory!     Jim


 Update April 15, 2011

What joy floods my soul as this humble ministry has now grown to around 2000 folks in my little flock. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought the Lord would use this ministry to reach the lost and so many dear children of God. And the precious letters I receive from of my flock thanking me for the blessings they had gotten from something I've sent out. I received a letter just this week from the Fiji Islands and a little lady who got saved and found Jesus and accepted Him as her Lord and Saviour after reading some of my pages on this site. Well Glory!

Of coarse it isn't me but God's working thru this old preacher to truly reach the world for Jesus. For it is the Lord which deserves all praise and glory and to Him I shout, Well Glory!

Thank you Jesus for loving me and using me to do your work... You are my Lord, my God, my Saviour, my Everything. Please give me strength to continue telling a lost and sinful world about the love of Jesus and how to be saved. Amen!  

And now for some of my exploits and pictures of my missionary work.



In the above pictures, are, from left to right; Bro. Larry Caldwell with his lovely wife Dale and in the next picture is my family. My son Jimmy, (Jimmy's Memorial Page) myself, Connie girl, who is my lovely and charming wife of 46 years (as of Feb.15, 2011), and my other two sons, Eric and Scott.

Larry and I began the Mt. Union Missionary Baptist Mission in 1982. Both Larry's and my family drove to Butler Co. Kentucky, about 60 miles, every Sunday to preach and sing to the people of that area. After about 6 Months, Larry felt led to move to Butler Co. and begin a full time ministry there. On a step of faith, Larry, quit his job and moved his family there. At that time we had use of an old church building which later on, the grounds and building were donated to Bro. Larry to organize. The church building was in bad need of repair and so the work began.
After the first 6 Month period I felt that the mission was established well enough to move forward without my assistance and returned to my home church. But I remained active and helped Larry whenever he needed me. The mission has since become a church under Larry's leadership and is self supporting.


In this picture are Bro. Ben and Cora Barredo visiting with us here at the Bar-K-Ranch from their Baptist Mission in Bocolod City, Philippines. They are sitting on the motor cycle that I had ridden on the day I was saved.
That story is on My Personal Testimony Page... This picture was taken the following summer after my missionary trip to the Bocolod City area.

Their son Benji while visiting our church, had ask me to come to the Philippines and preach and sing to his people. After several months I felt that God wanted me to go and I wrote to the Barredo's and told them that I would have to borrow most of the money to make that trip and that I wanted to be kept busy because it wasn't to be a vacation, it was to be a trip to see lost souls saved. Bro. Ben promised to keep me busy and I made preparations for the trip which was going to be for a 60 day stay.

I left in the fall of 1983 and in that two month missionary trip, save one week in which my leg became infected and I was bed ridden, I fulfilled 147 singing and preaching engagements and had 7,329 names and addresses of folks who had accepted Christ as their personal Saviour thru my preaching of the gospel. It was the follow-up with all of these newborn Christians which caused me great concern. Fortunately some organizations offered to supply Bibles and materials and most of these new converts found Baptist churches in their areas to attend and join and became baptized into those local church bodies.

How I managed this opportunity to preach to thousands instead of a few hundred was that Bro. Ben had been a lawyer, previously to becoming a missionary, and he used his previous influence to persuade Governor Montelabano of that Island, (pictured with Bro. Ben and myself below) to give us a blanket letter to all of the high schools and colleges to speak on the subject: "The Gospel approach to drug addiction, juvenile delinquency, and youth related problems"...
Of course that opened the door to preach the good news gospel about Jesus Christ. Well Glory! God truly was working in this work of, winning of lost souls in these islands...

Bro. Ben also acquired help from two families; Jr. and Amor Alba and Alex and Delia Espino.
I Stayed, for the most part, in these two homes and they were responsible for transportation and making time arrangements and appointments. I was also on their national TV program for 6 Sundays reaching millions of people. This spearheaded the movement of going into high schools and colleges which is still going on in the Philippines today. Praise God!

Here are only some pictures of the many places I had the honor to preach and sing... Well Glory!


This is some of the honor students at Hinigaran High School, Bocolod, Philippines. There were 175 who accepted Christ that day.

This is Mansilingan High School where there were 405 students accepting Christ. They didn't have enough room inside to accommodate the almost 2,000 students who attended and we had to have them on the balcony and all in the front yard of the school. It was an awesome site.


This is Granada High School where 128 students accepted Christ as Saviour. This wasn't a large school but what makes it so memorable is the fact the the lady in the brown dress, who was the principal of this school, accepted Christ along with her students that day. In this picture we are getting the names of the new born Christians so we could get follow-up materials to them and help them find a local church to attend.


I can't remember this little fellow's name but he had twisted legs and had to have crutches. Everywhere I went that day, this little helper wanted to carry my bible for me. It was a struggle for him but I let him anyway. He would just hug that Bible so close to his broken little body and look up at me and smile the biggest smile. We didn't move very fast that day but God gave me a blessing just watching that little fellow that I'll never forget. He was my little buddy and helper  that day and for sure, a smiling angel sent from God.


 Here are some more newly added pictures of this, my most memorable, 

Missionary trip to the Philippines.

I found this display of pictures the other day I had made years ago of my trip and thought I'd add some of these pictures taken those 60 days while I was there in the Philippines. Many are from the high schools and colleges of the area. They're sorta faded and hard to read the inscriptions but perhaps they will show how God moved and blessed as He provided the way to make it all come about and fit so nicely together... Well Glory!






Here is the display all together.


I hope that you all have enjoyed this update on this page and the pictures. (smile)


In 1985 I took a Missionary trip to several churches in Pennsylvania and to two state prisons in West Virginia, one of which was Moundsville State Prison, pictured here. They had just experience several deaths a few days before we got there due to a riot within the walls. I had Cid Oliver, a friend who had just surrendered to the call of the ministry go on this trip with me. He was scared to death as was I, especially when they began locking those steel doors behind us. The chapel was in the center of the yard and we had to go through 7 sections to get there. It was a much needed time of spiritual help.

We need to remember these and other prisoners and the guards and workers as well in prayer. They've made wrong choices and turns in their lives and in dire need of a Saviour... After all, the apostle Paul spent a great deal of time in prison, not because he was a criminal but because he lifted up the name of Jesus! And this lifting up the name of Jesus is what our prisons need today.


This is a picture of the Ojibwa Indians, in full dress, in Thunder bay, Canada. It was in June, 1987 when Connie and I took a week to see if we could witness to these Indians. We only got to talk to a few. The next year another missionary tried to begin a work there but only lasted a short time. It is a very difficult work there but truly needed...


It was in July of 1992 when this picture was taken. I was working at Ashland Oil Refinery as a Boilermaker welder and Connie and I were camped at a trailer park there for the 6 weeks job. I began preaching and singing from the porch of my camper and these are the folks that came to listen. It was kind of comical to see them dragging their chairs across the driveway and setting them up. There were a few times I thought it was going to rain us out but it always cleared before we started the services. The man who was staying in the blue striped trailer drank all the time and the first two Sundays nursed his hangover listening at his window. The third Saturday he stayed home and didn't drink. The next morning he got up early and got all cleaned up and brought his chair over. His name was Lee and I heard and believe that he later accepted Christ. Pictured from left to right: Kathy, Tessa, Dottie, Leo, Debbie, Connie, Suzie, Orey, Christine, Arlinda, Lee, Ernie, and my grandson, Scotty.

2011 update NOTE: My grandson Scotty, shown above, was just a young squirt but loved to travel with his granny and me to some of the jobs and would stay with us for sometimes 6 or 8 weeks away from home. But he would call his momma and keep her informed as to what he was up to. 
Scotty was only 19 when the Lord took him home.
 Scotty's Memorial Page
He was such a good boy and a blessing to all he came in touch with... 

Well, my goodness, Time has slipped away, so please allow me to thank you for letting me share some of my missionary trips with you. It just goes to show that we can all be missionaries if the desire in us is, to see lost people come to Jesus and be saved. You and I can be witnesses, whether we are at home, on the job, in the shopping mall, or chatting on the computer. Do not be afraid to lift up the name of Jesus.

Romans 1:16 says; "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."

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