In Memory of James "Jimmy" William Keeling II

Another Soul is with Jesus


"Another Soul is with Jesus"


Now another soul is with Jesus,

Yes, one of a man so young,

Named after his daddy, Jim Keeling;

Left this earth at age forty one.


Jimmy was loved by so many,

His wife, his children, he adored;

A loving family he left behind,

His parents,  brothers, and many more.


There's a lot to remember about Jimmy,

He loved to ride horses, it's true;

And learning to play the guitar he loved,

As they practiced together, James I and James II


His children were blessed to have a dad,

Who loved to wrestle with them and play;

Jimmy's love for is family was clearly shown,

As was his love for life, each day.


That glow he had, like sunshine spread,

Brought smiles to many faces,

His memory will not ever fade,

For it's there in many ways, many places.


Jimmy was a Born-again Believer

So to our Saviour went his soul;

One day will be a great reunion,

Because Jesus promised, we know.


Tho' we don't know the 'why' just yet,

We know God knows what's best;

Why HE took a son, a dad, a brother,

But one day we'll know the rest...


written by: Tammy Boatman Young


Thank you Tammy for your heart touching poem
about my son, Jimmy. It means so much to Connie
and myself and words cannot express our gratitude
for your kindness and love...

I'd like to share some pictures of Jimmy with his family.
It is so hard to believe that Jimmy isn't going to pop thru the
kitchen door and head for the fridge or go peeking at the
stove top to see what his momma had fixed to eat. Jimmy was
a kid at heart and was always picking at someone. Everyone,
whoever met Jimmy thought the world of him. Connie and
I never see a day that we don't think about him and miss him
and I know that Tammy and the children miss Jimmy so much.


Jimmy and Connie girl, his momma & most favorite person
in the whole world. Connie always fixes a special supper
on birthdays and she is still fixing Jimmy's favorite;
Upsidedown Pineapple cake on his birthday...

Jimmy helping his momma do the dishes at 2 years old.

Jimmy with his brothers; Scott, and Eric

Jimmy and wife, Tammy



Jimmy and Tammy getting ready to pull the kids on a sled

Jimmy and son, Will, riding the horses on a snowy day

Jimmy and Tammy having fun at Christmas with Ashley watching. 

Jimmy & brother Scott after a 4-wheeler pile up on
Christmas day

Jimmy with daughter & son, Kourtney, and Will

Jimmy and Will breaking 'Dollar' the stud colt

Jimmy riding 'Bucky'


Jimmy wining a ribbon. Picture 2 is Eric, Jimmy, & Scott with
their Kentucky State champion trophies in the background.

Jimmy at horse show sitting on my Kentucky State Champion

Appaloosa stallion, 'Van'


And lastly we place Jimmy's head stone.



Thank you for allowing me to share my son's
memorial page with you. I can now only rejoice in the
knowledge that one day I'll be able to see and be with
 my son once more in Heaven.
I praise God that Jimmy and I, along with his momma,
brothers and children have given our lives over to God
 and He saved our souls and we'll be together for all
of eternity with Jesus and the rest of our family
 and friends who are saved.





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and sung by: Jim Keeling

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