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I wish to thank you for stopping in and I pray that the Lord will bless you as we grow in His Holy Word by the grace and leadership of the Holy Spirit... What I am hoping to have here are some of the letters I've received with questions or comments which I have answered by the grace of God, thru the years...

I also have a few links pages concerning topics which I have found to be interesting and which I could never improve upon. I pray that you will glean from these Bible studies....

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1. Women Preachers & Authority

2.Woman's role continued
& Little Flock's replies

3. Several False Bible Doctrines Explained

4. Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani

5.  Are Some
Roman Catholics Saved?

6.    A Catholic letter from
Karl J. and My Reply.

7. Patricia's Letter written
in 2004 on Angels Explained
& My Reply 

Ted's Letter in 2004 On Salvation / A question concerning My Ministry!  +
My Little Flock's Lovely Reply

9. Lee's 2 letters written in 2001 & 2003 on Baptism with
My Reply  

10. David's Letter written in 2003  on 7th Day Adventist &  My Reply   

11. Anne Letter; Where Does the Soul Go at Death? 

12. Rodgers Testimony my Reply; 
Is Hell Forever? 

13. Thank You letters from
My Little Flock

14.  Thank You Letters from
My Little Flock; 

15.  Thank You Letters from
      My Little Flock  
Dec /2008


16. Becki's letter My Reply
 Jan 5, 2009

17. Patrick's Story; Francie Letter; & Angel Wings Study
       Feb 3, 2009

18. No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

19.     Bro. Mack's Letter
      My Reply on Adultery

                   Mar 22, 2009

 20. Bro. Mike's Letter Part 1  
Total Sin Forgiven
 My Reply, Sept 1, 2009

21. Bro. Mike's Letter Part 2
Grace + 10 Commandments
My Reply,  Sept. 1, 2009









 The Links Section

Link   Do pets go to heaven when they die?

 Link;  Unbiblical Things Female Angels, Cherubs  
"Jesus" Pix & Films

 Link Randy's Final Words
 Link ; On Salvation by; Gary  Link;    The New International PER-Version Bible

". . . ye have PERVERTED the words of the living God. . ."
Jeremiah 23:36

Link; On Salvation by; Gary

Satanic Roots of Rock

  The Pretribulation Rapture

God Bless America?

The Devil's Music

;   Santa Claus -  The  Great Imposter




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