A True Story about;

My Friend Andy A.


Greetings Everyone,

I'd like to share this little true story if I may.
This story sorta goes along with Sunday's message; July 4, 2010 - Sabbath or Sunday... (smile)

I had a friend, Andy A. who was a Seventh Day Adventist and Sabbath day keeper. He was a hard working and honest man and he helped do septic tank, clean ponds, running water lines, etc. for me thru the 30+ years I knew him... After I had gotten saved and started preaching and singing all over the country, Andy thought that I felt I was too good for him and we drifted apart some. I didn't know this at that time... Anyway, one day I stopped by to see him and he was sitting on the couch drinking a beer. He mentioned that I was to lofty now and he knew I wouldn't join him in having a beer but he wanted to offer me one anyhow...

We had discussed the differences in our faiths from time to time and I could see that Andy wasn't ever going to listen to anything I had to say because of this hard feeling towards me... Now even when I used to drink before getting saved I never did care for beer... Yuck! I liked whiskey and at one time in my early years was a real sot... But this day I felt I could stand the taste of that beer if it might help Andy to see I was no better than he or anyone else. Andy looked at me sorta funny when I accepted his offer for a beer but he listened and we talked for a good while. He said he'd just stay with his religion and I left it that way.

Well, Andy got cancer some years later and I stopped by every once and awhile and would talk to him and see how he was doing. My health was getting worse by then and it had been several months since I'd stopped because of the difficulty of trying to walk very far. But on those pretty days when I was up to it and when I did ride my Suzuki motor cycle or drive my old '74' Dodge truck by his place, I would blow the horn or sound off those loud pipes on the truck so Andy would know I was thinking of him and praying for him... Then one day his wife called me and asked if I could drop by and visit with Andy...

Well, when I got their and went in, Andy was laying there in bed with one side of his face chewed up and looking like a sponge full of holes and his left ear was almost slid to the top of his head... I got to the bed and smiled real big and ask him when he was going to get his lazy self out of that bed and bring his dozer over and push a few trees out of the way for me... He laughed as best he could and I grabbed his hand and held it while Theresa went to bring me a kitchen chair...

We sat there looking at each other when Andy said that he believed I knew what I was talking about when it came to being saved and born again... Andy couldn't hardly speak and Theresa had to help... But Andy said that he didn't think about my having much Bible knowledge until that day long ago when I had a beer with him, we talked, and he knew then I was just like him.

Then he said something which surprised me because Andy had been such a faithful Sabbath day church attendee... He said that he didn't want to go to hell and he knew his time was short but he just wasn't sure that his religion had told him the truth about how to go to heaven and would I please help him to know how he could get what he saw and had been seeing in me... 

Theresa sat on the bed beside Andy, We all held hands as I began telling them the story of how Jesus Christ was the ONLY way to become a born again child of God. No church membership, no baptism, no religion, nothing other than the sacrificial shed blood of Jesus can save anyone... I told them that once God washed your soul clean with that precious blood of Christ and you had repented of your sins and confessed this to Him and asked Jesus to come into your heart, that you are saved at that very moment. Right where you are. Even laying on your death bed. I also told them that the Holy Spirit came in with that saving breath you just took and sealed your soul and that it could never be lost again. That was Jesus' pure blood power and God's promise to His children...

At this point we were all crying as Andy and Theresa, both, asked me to help them to get saved because they knew they were lost and headed to hell and didn't know how or what to do to get saved... So I led, and together they prayed the sinners prayer, begging for forgiveness for their sins and asking Jesus to come into their hearts. They had both accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and were both saved that very evening... It was only a day or two after that when the Lord called Andy on home to be with Him in Heaven...  Well Glory! Another soul is with Jesus...

Well, that has been a few years ago and Andy is looking down from heaven now but every time I pass his house I can't help but remember that special evening spent with my friends and getting to lead them to the foot of the cross...We just never know where God will lead us and who he will send our way if only we are willing to follow... And remember not to rush things. Andy and Theresa took over 30 years to find Jesus; but it was worth the wait. I pray that each of you are willing to go where God leads you and that souls will be saved because of your faithfulness... Well Glory!!!  


Bro. Jim Keeling






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