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  A True Story             April 6, 2010 

Jim Ed's Little Light


 This is the first day I've gotten to be on my computer since Dec. 12,09 when everything just simply fell apart. And for the next few weeks I was going to experience some of the most excruciating pain I've ever encountered. But most folks really don't want to hear about things like all that so I'd like to just tell the true story of a little over one week out of all this exasperating and pain exhausting experience. It all took place in a nursing home with the grand finally taking place only moments before my nearly leaving this life to be with the Lord. Yes, I felt the angels carrying me away and I felt the peace of God covering me. But some nurses managed to bring me back so I guess that God isn't thru with me just yet. (smile)

On Dec. 23, 09 after being transferred from several hospitals in Ky. and Tenn. and given everything which was dead wrong for me like the strong doses of blood thinner and lasics, which drains the fluids from you and then put on limited fluid intake on top of that; well narrowed my chances of survival. The worst part was they left all of this info on my chart when they sent me to the nursing home and the doctor in charge was on vacation and when the nurse called him about me she was told to continue the meds on the chart until he got back...   

And so there I was in the nursing home in Bowling Green where I was to meet and make buddies with Jim Ed... Jim 'Ed's bed was by the door and mine was by the window and there was a curtain between us so I never got to see him face to face. But I began talking to him and telling him I was going to take him for a ride in my old '54' Chevy when I get better. Jim Ed would just grunt and say Ok or yea, His voice was rough and I wish I could do this story on sound. Jim Ed never said more than one or two words and I noticed when the nurse brought our food that he sent his back and didn't eat anything. Jim Ed was tall but very thin because of the cancer. This was just the first couple of weeks of my being sick and I didn't eat more than 2 or 3 cups of food for the first two and one half months of my illness. Guess that is why I lost over a 100 pounds during that period.

Anyway, I knew that Jim Ed needed to eat so when our food came that third day, I hurried and looked at what we had to eat and saw some chicken with spices sprinkled over it. It looked good so as the nurse listened to Jim Ed say; "I don't want it" and began to take it away I hollered and told Jim Ed how good the chicken was and that he ought to try it. The nurse turned back and smiled at me and open Jim Ed's tray and I heard him chomping away on that chicken. After that the nurse brought my tray first so I could see what looked good and tell Jim Ed to try. I never ate any of the food but it sounded good to hear Jim Ed eating. The nurse told me he gained a pound that week... Well Glory!

Well as the week went on and all my family and friends came in to visit they got to talking to Jim Ed as they passed by his bed to mine and asked how he was doing. Some days the whole room was full and I guess that Jim Ed felt like they were his family too. Christmas day came and Connie girl and my preacher sneaked in little Panda Bear in a duffle bag.  Jim Ed couldn't see because of that curtain between us but I heard him giggle when he heard Panda Bear was in bed with me. That night I told Jim when I got well enough I was going to take him for a ride in the '54' Chevy and go get a ice cream cone at the dairy dip. Jim Ed's response in the gruff voice was; "Don't like ice cream..." Well after a few minutes, I hollered over to Jim Ed and said OK;  But when I get better I'm going to come and take you in the '54' Chevy and go to McDonalds and get a hamburger. To which Jim Ed replied; "OK, I like hamburgers..."  I had to laugh...

And so went our week of getting to know each other some. My picking at him and his short answers back and the family and friends talking to him when they came in to visit me... In the meantime the medicine I was taking; high dosages of blood thinners, the overload of lasics draining my fluids, and the limited amount of fluids I could drink, 8 to 12 oz. per day, was taking it's toll on my body. My kidneys and liver were shutting down and that last night when Eric, my youngest son, came in I was about gone and very weak. About that time, Jim Ed ask the nurse for a Pepsi but they didn't have any so Eric went out and bought one for him. I don't believe anyone realized at this point how weak and far gone I really was... But it sounded good to hear Jim Ed slurping on that Pepsi...

The next morning I awoke to my singing, 'This Little Light of Mine, I'm Going to Let it Shine'. I had my finger in the air above my head and making it go in circles. Some of you may remember that little song from your Bible School or Sunday School days. I kept singing it over and over and my finger just kept going round and round. Well, the nurse came in and told Jim Ed that he had to sit up so he wouldn't get pneumonia and they moved him across and sort of catty corner from me. It was the first time we could see on another. I said Hi to him and he grunted. Jim Ed was slumped all down in the chair and he was peeking over the arm rest at me and so I began singing my song and making my finger go round and round again... Jim Ed sometimes would lose attention and I'd tell him that Pepsi sure looked good and he would grab it up and take a couple of slurps...

After singing 'This Little Light of Mine, I'm Going to Let it Shine', 'This Little Light of Mine, I'm Going to Let it Shine'; Let it Shine, Let it Shine, Let it Shine!!! several times and seeing that Jim Ed was watching my every move, I ask Jim Ed if he knew what this little light of mine was? He just looked puzzled so I ask him if I could tell him about this little light of mine. After a few moments Jim Ed said, "OK" I told Jim Ed how that Jesus was that light in my heart and that it was Jesus who was shining in me. I noticed that Jim Ed was looking sorta puzzled about this Jesus I was talking about. So I ask him if anyone had ever told him about this, Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. Jim Ed said in his gruff voice; "No"... So I ask him; Have you ever been to church? His reply was; "No". What about Sunday School or Bible School? Again Jim Ed gruffly said; "No"...  I couldn't hardly believe my ears. In a country with churches on every corner. TV, Radio, News Papers, etc. and here was a man who had missed all of it and no one ever took the time to witness the good news story of the Son of God to him... Now, I can't but wonder how many more Jim Ed's are here in this Christian nation??? 

Well, I asked Jim Ed if I could tell him about Jesus and after a few moments of hesitation he said; "OK". So I began telling Jim Ed about this Jesus Christ, Son of the living God and how Jesus came from Heaven to die on the cross for lost souls like me and like him. But Jesus not only died and was buried but arose again from the dead and is alive in Heaven with God the Father. And how when a lost person calls on Jesus to save them how He washes all their sins away and comes to live in their heart and that when they die they go to heaven to be with God and Jesus forever and forever. But until a child of God dies Jesus is that little light which shines in their heart. And then I put my finger up, making little circles and began singing "This little Light of Mine" again.

I keep looking into Jim Ed's eyes peeking over the chair arm and I stopped singing and ask him if he would like to have my Jesus save his soul and put His little light in his heart? Almost before I got that question out Jim Ed said in the gruff voice; "Yes, I want Jesus"... Well Glory! Tears filled my eyes and I told Jim Ed that he had to make that choice and that not me or anyone else could make it for him. I would help him if he wanted but the choice was his alone. So I helped him with the sinner's prayer and ask him is he accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour; and immediately he said; "Yes". A few seconds later Jim Ed had his rough boney finger in the air and it was going around in little circles and he had the first smile I had seen on his face...

It was at this moment I felt the life draining from my body and I cried out for a nurse and then blacked out. It was Jim Ed who hollered and pushed the nurses button to summon some help for me. The next thing I saw were nurses all around me and two of them held my hands and were trying to get my focus on them. One would pat my hand and tell me to look at her and when I began slipping away the other one would do the same thing. Now here is the kicker!!! Remember at the beginning I told you about the limited fluid intake I was allowed. Well Glory! It was these two same nurses holding my hands who had sneaked in some milk and apple juice during the night, one around 2am and the other one about 4am. They had been doing this for several days and without knowing it had kept me alive long enough to lead Jim Ed to the Lord. It simply blows my mind away how all of this worked out. Anyway, the last thing I remember before totally losing it was a little boney finger over a nurses head in the corner going round and round. The next thing I knew I was in Bowling Green Hospital and getting 6 pints of blood and 4 pints of platelets. And in the next few days I received 3 more pints of blood and 1 pint platelet. No one knew where the blood had gone. Only that I was about dead from dehydration and blood loss.

A couple of days later when I had come to my senses in the Bowling Green Hospital, 2 of the hospital Chaplin's came to visit me and I shared my web site address and told them the story about Jim Ed. The next day the one Chaplin came back and said that looking at me in my bed he would have never guessed that I could make a web site like that. It tickled me that he liked it so much.

And then he ask me what were the odds? Odds, I asked.? He said yes, the odds that a man from Kentucky would go to hospitals in Kentucky, then on to Tenn. and finally ending up in a nursing home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. All the while in total suffering and pain land in a room with a lost man who had never heard of Jesus Christ nor how to be saved or born again; but in your last conscious moments lead that lost man to the foot of the cross and saw him become a child of God. What were the odds? And if you had it to do again would you go thru all that pain to win just one lost soul to the Lord??? All I could think to say was; "Yes, In a heartbeat" To know that my Lord used this ole' man preacher to reach that lost soul was worth every bit of the pain and I came to realize just how Paul must have felt as he suffered in the prisons for the glory of God... And I can't even come close to the sufferings of Paul. But I do praise God for allowing me to be His servant and lead Jim Ed to the foot of the cross. Well Glory!

Well, it doesn't end here as there were more times in different hospitals and more folks to witness to. But those are more stories to come and how God used me these past few months of my illness...

Until then:

If you are a child of God, ask yourself this question. Just what kind of fruit bearer am I? Does my fruit make lost souls want to find Jesus? Do others see the light of Jesus shining in me? Let us together strive to not only praise God for our blessings but let us strive to be more Christ like so that those around us, our families, our friends, our fellow employees, and acquaintances, and strangers will see what you and I have and desire to have that joy and peace which fills our souls. Let us be good followers of Christ. Let us be good Christian examples and light houses for the Lord, both you young and the old alike.  Well Glory!


May your little light shine today and worthy of a good servant of God,

Bro. Jim Keeling


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