Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell (1940)........


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Dear Friends,

Many of us are too young (ha! HA!!) to remember this, but I'm sure it was well worth the less than three minutes it took to watch the whole thing. These two.... were real movie stars, not the dime a dozen kids on the screen today where everyone is a "Superstar" that you have never heard of.

It's a little chopped up, being digitized, but it sure is fun to watch, and impressive. When I received it in an e-mail I just couldn't resist sharing it with you... Sometimes I feel that it would much better if we could go back to the good ole days... (smile)

I hope that you'll send this page to your friends so they can see a blast from the past. I've placed an e-mail form below to make it easy for you. I hope to have more old time video's on later. So check back every so often.

The year: 1940.

1. The dancers are Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell.
2. The voice is Frank Sinatra's.
3. It was filmed in one shot (without cuts).



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