My Dad - My Inspiration


It is with great pleasure I present to you the 'Dumlers'

Children From L to R;   Kathy,  Dave,  John,  Debbie,

In Front, Mom and Dad;   Pat and Hank

Henry Dumler (Hank), Pat and the children have been  close friends to Connie girl and myself ever since back in the middle '1960's'  when Hank and I first met. Hank was a Boilermaker and I had just started my BMaker apprenticeship when we met at U. S. Steel in Gary, Ind.

Hank and Pat's anniversary and my birthday fell on the same day and we went out every year on the 22nd of August to celebrate. Debbie often baby sat our 3 boys for us while we went out... Hank and I use to go Coho fishing on Lake Michigan and our families often went boating and swimming. Although Pat never learned how to swim, she did like to go boating and wadding in the water so we all have lots of beautiful memories. We often met and played a card game called Bid Wisp. I liked to call it 5 Low. Yea we had lots of fun together...

Well Pat and Hank have gotten feeble now with age and Hank is, as I write this, in the hospital after a bad heart attack. While he's been in the hospital, Debbie wrote this touching and beautiful poem and sent it to me and I just had to share it with all for you along with a prayer that Our Heavenly Father will bring my old friend thru this time of ill health, and with deep concern give Pat and the children comfort and peace...

May The Holy Spirit touch you as you read Debbie's beautiful poem of love for her dad and my friend, Hank.   



My Dad - My Inspiration

He has a heart of gold, a deep love for his wife that most women can only dream of.  He has a love for his children that is beyond imagination and a twinkle in his eye for his grandchildren.

Who is this man?  He is my Dad-My Inspiration

He has strong hands, brown eyes, and smiles when he sees you.  He calls me sweetheart when we talk on the phone, and always gives me encouragement when he knows I'm down.

Who is this man?  He is my Dad-My Inspiration


The sparkle in his eyes on the birth of his grandchildren, the sadness in his heart on the loss of a dear friend.  The joy of sitting on the porch with his wife and reminiscing of old times.

Who is this man?  He is my Dad-My Inspiration


He has walked miles in snowstorms that left him stranded to be with his family.  The heartbreak he went through on the loss of his parents.  The sore muscles he had on helping his children with their home projects.

Who is this man?  He is my Dad-My Inspiration


The love of God that his mother taught him.  The strength in his arms that his father showed him.  The tenderness of his hand as he holds mine as we look at his flowers.

Who is this man?  He is my Dad-My Inspiration


He sits on his front deck and thinks of the past.  Telling me stories of his childhood, working in the field, walking miles to school, swimming in the creek as a little boy from the south.

Who is this man?  He is my Dad-My Inspiration


He is strong, yet sensitive.  His family means the world to him, and he means the world to me.

Who is this man?  He is my Dad-My Inspiration.

Dedicated to my dad with all my love;
Your loving daughter, Debbie




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