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Uncle Danny's New Motor Home!



Uncle Danny     Aunt Tinky


Below is the actual letter I received from my Uncle Danny telling me about his New motor home.

Hey Tuckian !!

We sho did fool a lot of rednecks up in tucky, dat did'nt think dat we'd amount ta anything after moving down here HA!! .

After moving down here, and saving all we could for the last two years, me n Tink spent our whole savings an bought us a motor home.

It's been hard eating just 2 meals a day washing cars on week ends and delivering papers but we are the happy owners of a practelly new camper, well new for us. and we is really proud.

I park it in the front yard ,that way out of town people think's that maybe one of the Big Oprey stars might live here. he he.

But between you and me, we ain't really as rich as we look like just cause we got the motor home in our front yard.


Hey effin you all ever visit us we'll take you all for a ride through town and you can look rich too.

Tenn Ridge Runners,
Dan & Tink


Hey Danny, Didn't nobody toll you not to feed them thar bars down thar in Tennessee?

  Run Little Buddy Run!   hee hee ha ha ha







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We originally made this page for Uncle Danny 2/8/2000 at Geocities. Danny has since gone to be the Lord but he sure loved having fun.