Christmas Day


The apple pie's bakin', now the children are wakin'
And I'll buy a big turkey today

Fruit salad with cherries, I'm cookin' cranberries,
My poinsettias are all on display

My fridge I've been fillin', with eggnog for chillin'
Got pineapples for the big ham

The presents wrapped up, except for the new pup
For Christmas I'm ready, I am

While fudge I'll be tacklin', I'll hear chestnuts cracklin'
Sweet aromas are fillin' the air

My white Christmas candles, burn bright on the mantles
A pretty red apron I'll wear

Home-made cornbread for dressin', tho' I must be confessin'
'Twas my mother who taught me to cook

Lots of practice each year, said 'you must learn dear'
Now I'm happy for the time that she took

I bought lots of new holly, now I'm feelin' so jolly
And I even bought one mistletoe

For food we'll have plenty, with weather so wintry
The trees are all covered with snow

But with all the 'tradition', I'd like to make mention,
That santa will not be involved

For it's Christ Jesus's Birthday, in our home it's that way
Not a secret or a mystery to solve

So with our celebratin', we'll know without statin'
The TRUE meaning of Christmas Day

When the blessin' is given, in HIS Name coz' HE's livin'
We'll remember that as we all pray.

poem written by:
Tammy Boatman-Young
December 12, 2009






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"It's a Holly Jolly Christmas"


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