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Why Howdy, Partner. My but ain't I happy to see ya and welcome to Bar-K-Ranch country.. Let me introduce my self.... My name is Jim Keeling and I'm just an ole country boy from the hills of Kentucky with a cowboy heart. I fell in love with the Appaloosa horse breed years ago and still have several here on the ranch.

Just want to say what a pleasure it is for me to have you stop by and sit with me a spell. It's kinda cool outside so let me pour ya a cup of hot coffee and I'll tell ya a little about my ranch. Hope ya like your coffee good and strong cuz that's how I make it...




God's Horses 

 A Beautiful Poem by: Janice Stancil

Page with some pictures of our horses and ranch
page updated: April 2008



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Well here comes the stage so jest you get on board and I sure do hope you enjoy your visit.. We're gonna have a great time together and I sure am proud to meet ya..

Now you just click that ole mouse on the stagecoach to enter cuz it's next stop is the;

' Bar-K-Ranch '


Make sure and stop by Page 9. Yea, a special treat is in store for ya. *smile*



I had most of the pages your about to see at Goplay back in 2000 but they up and went off the web and left me high and dry... I found some of the code I had backed up the other day so thought I'd redo it.. Lord willing, I plan to have some funny stories about us raising these spotted horses and bunches of pictures.. A little history of the Appaloosa horse and a dedication to a great lady Miss Nan Tippin who truly love the Appaloosa breed.. 

I finishing this Appy section, July 20, 2007, at the Geocities web site.  But then move it to My Dot Spot's hosting web server. I've made many changes and I hope that you truly enjoy your visit with me. Just finished updating this evening. Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And there'll be lots more as time go by so visit often. We'll step down memory lane and I hope to have some pictures of the horses we now have..



Want to tip my hat and say a great big thank you to a sweet and dear friend,  Polly, at Sundog Chows  in Canada.. She made this back ground especially for me.
She also made a snow globe and I'll be showing it a little bit latter on ..

Just click on the above picture and visit her beautiful site. I know she'll love having you stop by..



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