Another Friday

Another Friday

The whip had left its proof marks of pain;
Judged by the rips and tears in his flesh,
Those soldiers were insane.
It was called “forty stripes save one”.
Is He your one?
All in six hours one Friday.

He carried his own hewn tree--
Full of splinters was that cross.
The hill he climbed was steep;
A crown of thorns caused his head to bleed,
The cuts in His scalp so deep,
To cry out, there was no need.
All in six hours one Friday.

Into His hands spikes were driven:
Hands that had healed the sick then,
Hands that had blessed the little children,
Hands that had caused the blind see.
They reached out in love to you and me.
When he was there in dire need,
Where were those for whom he’d done such deeds?
Why, why was Jesus hanging on that tree?
Those six hours one Friday.

The price of our sins was His fee.
He died for a selfless reason:
He died for you and me.
He died so that we could all be free.
All in six hours one Friday.

by Lyle Lewis




Midi Title; Traces of Love
copyright; 2001 by Bruce De Boer
Thank you for permission to use this midi.


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