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About Us

MyDotSpot is locally owned and operated by a family who is tired of the hype and hoopla of other internet companies.

MyDotSpot is run with Christian based ethics and integrity. We strive to give our customers a high quality internet experience along with the support and services they need all bundled at an affordable price!

We give you internet access available throughout ALL 50 states as well as Canada and Puerto Rico

The Technical Support Staff are all residents of Central City, Ky. and was raised here and are raising their families here and are just a phone call away!

Unlike others who offer 24/7 support that is based elsewhere ours is here, in Central City so unless you live in Central City, Ky. Well then itís not Local  but we still strive to treat everyone the same!

The point is when you call you will talk to one of us not some support program based overseas






Our Pricing is set to give you GREAT Service at a price to fit your budget!

With prices starting as low as $8.50 per month for Senior Citizens and College Students, we feel we are competitive with all the choices you have now a days.

And yes All of our accounts include 3 emails (if you need more just ask)
access to web-mail
Free technical support.
Easy to use setup software





Reasons to Switch to My Dot Spot ISP

My Dot Spot .com provides you with top quality services at a fair price with straight answers and no guess  work.

Our Technical Support Staff is available for you at no extra costs with answers to most all of your questions (of course we are constantly learning ourselves and if we donít know, well  then we will find out!)

 We are and have families like you! 

  We live, shop, and reside near you!

    We are your neighbors and friends !

Thanks for looking to us to provide you with internet services and may your online experience with My Dot Spot be an enjoyable one... 

We are looking forward to My Dot Spot becoming Your Dot Spot too. (smile) 

May God BlessÖ


The 'My Dot Spot' Team            

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