'  '1956' Buick Special  

  The above is how there supposed to look!  (smile) 


Sure do wish to thank you for stopping by and I sure am happy that you've come to visit and look at this oldie but goodie. It is a '1956' Buick Special. I haven't started on it yet but it's here at home and since a person has to start somewhere, well, here we are at the beginning. (smile)   I sure do love these oldies.


This set of pictures taken and page made on Feb. 27, 2005









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Thanks for visiting. This section is still under construction. I hope you liked the ole Buick.

 UPDATE:   Feb. 8, 2008

Guess I need to tell you a little about the Buick.

Well I hope that you all enjoyed looking at the pictures of my Old Buick. Never got to do much to it but it will be at a good place and I hope the new owner will realize it's potential and fix her up.

Again thank you for visiting with me and I hope that you'll look at my other oldies before I sell them... *smile*

May the Lord watch over you and keep you safe.

Bro. Jim Keeling


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