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Well I did get started after all... (smile) It took a lot of heating and bending and I ended up having to put much of it in pieces so as to fit the contours of the existing floor pans. They were pretty rusted and it sure was a pain to weld that new metal to the old. I used c-clamps, hammers and finally a sledge hammer of part of it. My 14 year old grandson Will helped me grind the rusted metal and wire brushed it. He also helped to pin down the new metal so I could have a close fit to weld... Yea, I ran out of hands and couldn't have managed to get some of this done without Will's help... Just gotta love these grandkids. LOL



As you can see this pix was taken from the driver's side lookin at the
passenger floor pan welded in pieces. The piece of metal next
to the boat seat is the transmission cover plate and is going to Have
to be modified as much of this floor is... More work than I had anticipated.



This shows some of the bends in the floor. I had to heat much of this metal
in order to make it fit the contours of the preexisting flooring as you can see
in the blue coloring of the metal. I finally decided to put it back in smaller pieces.
The larger piece on the left and by the transmission hole had to be split in both
corners for about 3 inches to be able to bend the metal in 3 different contures. 



This is a different angle and shows the where I had to build up the
frame work in front of the door. Several holes in there to fill and cover up.



This is a larger view of the door frame. It is in a horse shoe but sota
hard to determine the curvatures in the pictures.



This is a blown up view of the door opening. Had to put it 2 pieces
because of the bends where the seat will fit. Won't know where to make
the holes to bolt the seat until I am completely finished...


I'll be having more pictures of the driver's side and trunk repairs soon, I hope.
I'll probably add a new page for that. And then I'll start on the body work of the car
in Progress Pages 3 & 4 And tie it all together on Progress Page 5.
 Sure hope that you've enjoyed looking at these pictures
and seeing how we're coming along with this little project... (smile)






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